Zoe Laverne Connor Joyce leaked video sparked criticism against TikTok star Zoe Laverne

Social media gone crazy after 19-year-old TikTok star Zoe Laverne leaked head video with a boy Connor Joyce leaked and emerged on social media. People are criticising Zoe Laverne and calling her ‘Paedophilia‘ for her actions (giving head to Connor Joyce) the boy Connor Joyce is just 13 and a minor. Watch Zoe Laverne leaked video, below.

Video: Zoe Laverne leaked video with Connor Joyce

The leaked video shows TikTok star Zoe Laverne and Connor Joyce kissing and doing other inappropriate things. Some Part of the video shows Zoe giving head to Connor Joyce, which we can’t show here. But we can give you the link of Zoe and Connor complete head video. You can watch the complete video of Zoe Laverne giving head to Connor Joyce, on Twitter here and here.

Zoe Laverne responded to her leaked video scandal by saying that the video is few months old and she doesn’t care of what people say about her. However, people didn’t accepted her explanation and criticising her as she is 6-year elder than Connor Joyce who is just 13-year-old yet.


Criticising the TikTok star, a Twitter user ‘drea‘ wrote on Twitter, tweet reads: “doesnt matter if the video was older, the 6 year gap is still there which would make him like fucking 10. zoe laverne is a legal adult and connor’s “consent” legally does not count.”

Responding to the Zoe Laverne and Connor Joyce video, Twitter user ‘Katelyn’ wrote, tweet reads: “Zoe Laverne & Connor’s situation is beyond disgusting. If you think t is okay for a 19 YEAR OLD GIRL, to be KISSING, GROOMING, and FLIRTING with a teenage boy, your sick in the mind. I really hope he is out of this situation by now, lmk if you want me to link the YouTube video.”


Zoe deleted her Instagram account after the Backlash over Head video with Connor Joyce.

Zoe LaVerne boasted over 2.9 million Instagram followers before she suddenly deleted her account, leaving fans confused about what happened to the social media star. One fan wondered if she had been blocked after seeing the “user not found” page after searching for Zoe’s Instagram username. The fan tweeted, “Bro I just got blocked by Zoe LaVerne on instagram.”

It turned out that the fan has not been blocked at all. Instead, Zoe allegedly admitted to deleting her account. The alleged proof of Zoe’s admission went viral in a TikTok video which claims to show a post about the deletion from Zoe’s private Instagram account. Watch the video, below.


The caption reads, “Thank you for everything..really. But for right now I don’t think I’ll be back on social media again..I still have a lot to think about..I really don’t wanna leave you guys but i’m tired of feeling this way..i’m tired of crying and hurting..it’s nothing but negativity to me anymore. I love you so much.”

Twitter users accused Zoe of allegedly grooming a 13-year-old fan, Connor Joyce. The 13-year-old, Connor Joyce, has regularly appeared alongside Zoe in her TikTok videos and is a friend of Zoe’


Many Twitter users are claiming to watch a video which shows Zoe Laverne giving head to Connor Joyce. A part of Zoe Laverne’s video with Connor Joyce also shows she is twerking over him. The alleged video is getting viral on other social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit.

Zoe giving head to Connor Joyce and their head video went viral on social media

Zoe has faced “cancellation” before over her behavior.

Zoe is facing backlash over her leaked video with Connor Joyce.


In the same month that Zoe received criticism for her inappropriate relationship with a 13-year-old, former fans of the social media star also launched a petition to get Zoe banned from TikTok due to allegations involving her relationship with Connor Joyce and of that she has said racist and hateful things in the past. See the tweet, below.


Out of 50,000 votes needed, 46,000 people have already signed the petition demanding Ban over Zoe’s TikTok account. The description on the petition page reads:

“She’s a bad influence to her fans. she cheated on her boyfriend a couple times with many different guys she vapes and tells her fans to do it.  she says mean things like the N-word and she tells people to kill themselves. if you don’t believe me a search it up there’s many videos of her vaping saying the N-word and cheating on Cody Orlove.”


“now listen, i’m 15 years old and i have friends in college from when i was younger. it’s not wrong if it’s just friendship, but being a whole adult twerking on a minor is WRONG. borderline grooming,” one user wrote.


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