Bisma Chaudhry tells other side of Zoobia Meer incident and responds to her accusations
  • A Son (Arsalan Qureshi) has beaten his own mother in an example of domestic violence
  • Zoobia Meer, Sister of Arsalan Qureshi, has uploaded the video of whole incident on social media
  • Zoobia Meer accused Arsalan Qureshi and his wife, Bisma Chaudhry, of Domestic violence against her and her mother (Gulnaz Bebi)
  • Bisma Chaudhry has denied the allegations made by Zoobia Meer and accused her of attacking her and her husband
  • After the videos of whole incident went viral, Rawalpindi Police have registered an FIR against Arsalan Qureshi and started an investigation

Zobia Meer is Lying. She is the stepsister of my husband Arsalan. A boy ‘Arsham Hashmi’ is the boyfriend of Zoobia Meer and my husband caught Zoobia Meer and her boyfriend in the park. That’s why they created all this drama, Says Bisma Chaudhry (Wife of Arsalan who has been accused of beating his own mother and sister Zoobi Meer) in a video statement. Watch the video, below.

Video: the other side of the story of Zoobia Meer

According to details, on July 21, 2020, a video clip went viral on social media which was shared by a girl Zoobia Meer (Also called Zobia Meer). The viral video clip shows a man, identified as Arsalan, beating his mother brutally. While sharing the video clip on social media, Zoobia Meer revealed that Arsalan is her brother who abused her and her mother (Name: Gulnaz Bebi).

“They (Arsalan and his wife Bisma Chaudhry) took our cash and Property papers after brutally abusing me and my mother, Zoobia Meer said in a 2nd video message shared on social media.” Meer also accused the Rawalpindi police of not taking an action against her brother Arsalan.


Videos of Zoobia Meer went viral on social media and people started raising voice in her support. People demanded ‘Justice for Zoobia Meer’. Following the public pressure, Rawalpindi police launched an FIR against Arsalan and started an investigation of the whole incident.

Responding to the accusations of Zoobia Meer, Bisma Chaudhry has also issued a video statement and explained the other side of the story.

In her video statement, Bisma Chaudhry told that Zoobia Meer is the stepsister of her husband Arsalan. “The property they have mentioned in their accusations is on my husband’s name and all check-books we have taken are of our own bank accounts, Bisma Chaudhry said in her video statement.”

“My husband caught Zoobia Chaudhry dating with her boyfriend Arsham Hashmi in a park, that is the reason she created all this Drama, Bisma Added.”

Accusing Meer and her mother, Bisma told that they attacked me, my infant child and my husband. “We were trying to leave but they were not letting us go. They have broken our car in order to stop us. Zoobia Meer got a hold on private parts of my husband Arsalan who is already asthma patient, Bisma Chaudhry added.

Car of Bisma Chaudhry which was broken by Zoobia Meer and her mother

She told that Zoobia Meer and her mother tried to abort her pregnancy and teared-off her clothes. “They also broke our LED TV and other home appliances. We were trying to leave but they were assaulting us. My husband acted in self-defence only, Bisma Chaudhry told.”

Clothes were teared down by Zoobia Meer and her mother

The whole incident of Zoobia Meer seems a domestic dispute for Property and cash. However, Police is investigating the matter and true conclusion will come out soon.


On July 22, Rawalpindi police have arrested the accused, Arsalan Qureshi, from his in-laws’ home. During the police custody, Arsalan Qureshi has given a video statement in which he confessed his shameful act of beating his mother and asked for an apology from his mother and from the people who became upset after his shameful act of violence.

However, The accused Arsalan Qureshi has obtained interim bail and he is under investigation by Rawalpindi police.


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