2022 Buffalo Sh00ting video – Mass buffalo sh00ting video – Explored

Buffalo supermarket gunman in police custody proceeding for hearing at the court

Buffalo Sh00ting video. Mass buffalo sh00ting video. On May 14, 2022, a lot of people were shot at a Tops Friendly Markets store in the East Side neighborhood of Buffalo, New York, United States. There were ten Black people killed and three other people hurt.  The shooter broadcast part of the attack live on Twitch, but the service shut down the livestream in less than two minutes. Payton S. Gendron, who was 18 years old at the time, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. On May 19, 2022, he formally said he wasn’t guilty. 


Gendron is said to have written a manifesto in which he called himself a “ethno-nationalist” who believed in white supremacy and was willing to use violence for political reasons. He said that he agreed with the far-right theory of the “Great Replacement” in the context of a “white genocide.” The attack has been called an act of domestic terrorism, and police are looking into whether racism was behind it.  As a result of the attack, Governor Kathy Hochul said that the state would change its policies. She also condemned the shooter and tried to comfort the families of the victims. 


Buffalo Shooting video:

Around 2:30 p.m. EDT (UTC+04:00), the shooter went to the Tops supermarket on Jefferson Avenue in Buffalo, New York. Which is mostly a Black neighborhood. He was carrying a modified Bushmaster XM-15 rifle and a head-mounted camera. Which he used to livestream the attack on the website Twitch. Boy was also wearing body armour and a military-grade helmet.

He had a Mossberg 500 shotgun and a Savage Arms Axis XP hunting rifle in his car. As he got closer to the scene, he said “just got to go for it” on his livestream. At 2:31 p.m., someone called the Buffalo police to say that shots had been fired at the store. A minute later, the first police officers and firefighters arrived and said that bodies were lying outside the building. At 2:34 p.m., a dispatcher started telling officers. Who were coming to the store that there was an active shooter situation.

Three of the four people who were shot in the parking lot died. Then, he went into the store and shot eight more people, killing six of them. A law enforcement official said that the shooter used racial slurs during the incident. Many employees and customers hid in the store’s break room and blocked the door with a heavy desk to avoid being shot.


Employees hid other customers in the milk cooler, where they said the shooter shot through the coolers. But the bullets were stopped by the milk cartons. At some point, an armed security guard named Aaron Salter Jr., who used to be a police officer in Buffalo, shot at him. Salter’s bullet did not stop the shooter because he was wearing body armour. The person who was shot at fired back at Salter, killing him on the spot. At another time, the shooter pointed his gun at a white person behind a checkout counter, but he apologized and didn’t shoot.

At 2:36 p.m., the shooter went to the front of the building, where patrol officers were able to talk him out of putting his gun to his neck.

After he was caught, the suspect said some disturbing things about what he was thinking and why. 

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Buffalo Sh00ting video. Mass buffalo sh00ting video(IMAGE VIA NEWPAKWEB.COM)


Thirteen people were shot, killing ten of them. Eleven of them were black, and two were white. One of them, Aaron Salter Jr., 55, was a former Buffalo Police lieutenant who was working as a security guard when he confronted the shooter. Celestine Chaney, who was 65, Roberta A. Drury, who was 32, Andre Mackniel, who was 53, Katherine Massey, who was 72, Margus D. Morrison, who was 52, Heyward Patterson, who was 67, Geraldine Talley, who was 62, Ruth Whitfield, who was 86, and Pearl Young, who was 77, were also shot and killed. Four of the people who were hurt worked at the store. One of them, Salter, died, but the other three survived. Everyone who died was Black. As of May 23, one of the injured people was still in the hospital, but their condition was stable.

Buffalo Sh00ting video. Mass buffalo sh00ting video

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