21-Year-Old Girl Burried Alive by Her brothers in MuzaffarGarh

21-year-old girl killed by her own brothers in Muzaffargarh

21-year-old girl ‘named as Aimen or Aiman’ (Urdu: ایمن) was buried alive along with her infant by her brothers in Muzaffargarh, Punjab, Pakistan. Aimen Bebi was abducted by her brothers on February 9, 2020, from the home of her husband Mukhtiar Hussain.

Video: 21-Year-Old girl killed by her brothers in Muzaffargarh

According to details, Aimen Bebi got married with Mukhtiar Hussain against the will of her parents and brothers one and half year ago. She has given birth to a baby boy 2 months before. Her brothers Awais Ahmed and Farooq Abducted her along her baby from her husband’s home.

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Husband had registered an F.I.R of abduction against the brothers of Aimen. After the investigation, Brothers of the girl revealed that they have already buried the girl alive along with her baby.

Later on Police found her remains from Suburbs of AliPur Tehsil.

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