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    5 Overwatch 2 Heroes who require improvements in 2023

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    5 Overwatch 2 Heroes – Overwatch 2 has been getting a steady stream of players since it came out in October 2022. The latest 5v5 online multiplayer FPS from Blizzard Entertainment is set to have a big year in 2023. Especially since a single-player mode is coming, this is not a perfect situation, even though Season 2 is coming.

    5 Overwatch 2 Heroes who require improvements in 2023

    Fans have been complaining about a few characters that don’t do much, and these characters are now pretty unpopular among players. This isn’t very pleasant for a competitive game with a metagame that changes all the time.

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    Here are five Overwatch 2 characters who need a boost in 2023

    5) Demolition Ball

    Wrecking Ball is one of the characters from the first Overwatch that came back. Playing is not very exciting, and it’s hard to get good at it. It has the most mobility of any Tank and can dive, making it an annoying threat in the right hands, but it doesn’t do much damage.

    Minor changes to its machine guns or just giving it more ammo and maybe rebalancing its HP and armor should be enough to make it a better Tank.

    4) Doomfist

    Over the past month, Doomfist has been nerfed and buffed, which has caused a bit of a stir in the Tank scene. At this point, his punch has a longer cooldown, and the minimum damage mitigation needed to power up Rocket Punch has gone up from 80 to 100 damage. This shows how it plays differently. Because of this, it takes a Tank longer than it should kill enemies.

    Some of the heroes on this list are likely to change even more, which is good news.

    3) Zenyatta

    Let’s get this out of the way: for a Support class character, the harmonious omnic monk is pretty strong. His Orb of Discord is one of the best games’ abilities for getting rid of buffs. Some people might complain that his Orb of Harmony heals slowly, but since it always heals the target, it’s hard to find fault with it.

    But it’s still slow healing, and since he can only heal one ally at a time, a slight boost to the healing rate would help a lot.

    2) Brigette

    Brigette, another Support, has seen more changes than any other hero. Her Ultimate, worse than Lucio’s, is her biggest problem. Aside from that, her shield could use a little boost. And maybe lowering the time it takes for her health packs, which are used to heal allies, would make her more valuable.

    1) Junker Queen

    The new character Junker Queen in Overwatch 2 feels more like a strong DPS than a real Tank. She specializes in hurting enemies, which in turn heals her. However, her healing rate is a bit low, and she has the minor health of any Tank, so one of those needs to be increased.

    Junker Queen’s axe swing with the Carnage ability also has a longer delay than possible. To fix this, either make the swing speed faster or add the ant-heal status to the current swing speed.

    5 Overwatch 2 Heroes is a free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) in the hero shooter genre. In this game, players use different characters to fight each other in intense battles.

    Players will earn cosmetics and other in-game goodies as they progress through the game, just like the popular battle pass system. There is also a premium battle pass that gives users exclusive skins. You can buy it with 1000 Overwatch coins, which you can earn by doing challenges in the game.

    Overwatch 2 can be played on the PC, the PS4, the PS5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Series X and Series S, and the Nintendo Switch.

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