Britney Spears posted naked pictures to her Instagram


Britney Spears posted on her story the full-frontal naked image to her Instagram. Britney Spears trending on social media as she shares a full-frontal nude snap on IG story slogan that ‘Free woman energy has never felt better.

Britney Spears Instagram picture  sparks sensation on social media
Britney Spears pictures

The 40-year-old pop star Britney spears shared the nude pictures on her IG story. These pictures showed her taking a photo while posing in the mirror of her glamorous walk-in closet. She has more than 38 million Instagram followers.

Britney shares these controversial pictures on Thursday. In these pictures, the Britney spears wore just a white lace choker around her neck and matching thigh-high stockings without anything else on her body.

To cover her body and abide by Instagram’s community guidelines, she used a pink flower and pink heart emoji to cover some parts of her completely nude body.

Currently, the Instagram community does not allow nudity on its side with a few exceptions. These Instagram guidelines include photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women actively breastfeeding.

Britney Spears trending on Instagram Thursday for sharing two photos of herself completely naked in front of the camera. Here is one picture of Britney spears from Instagram.

Britney Spears Instagram photo
Britney Spears took to Thursday to share two photos of herself completely naked

Here are some people reactions to her Instagram pictures.

People reaction to pictures