Cheetah’s Takedown a Wildebeest – Cheetah Brothers Hunt and kill a Wildebeest Video Full Explained

    This cheetah’s hunt wildebeest video is going viral on youtube with 191k views. In this video, Five cheetah siblings join together and takedown an adult wildebeest. Watch cheetah’s takedown a wildebeest video below.

    Video: Cheetahs Takedown a Wildebeest

    Cheetah’s Takedown a Wildebeest Video Explained

    When they finally materialize, they arrive in huge numbers. The problem for wildebeests on the move is that they are always heading forward into the unknown. But those who are first to the battlefield and await their opponents are at ease and have the advantage. They are artists of deception, pretending to be benign, walking casually as if what lurks under their skins is not important.

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    And that, more than anything, is the cheetah way. Unleashed at 70 miles an hour, this incredible speed leaves no room for mistakes. The quick turn and the size of the prey make it almost an impossibility. But for this moment in time, nothing else matters for the predator or for the prey. And now the brothers are working in unison, collaborating to win this immense battle.

    It’s hard to know which God selected this wildebeest. Was it random? Or is it his almost imperceptible limp from last year’s water crossing? [animals braying] It is a moment in time, and yet, it is timeless. These epic battles for survival are the result of wave after wave of millions of wildebeest that pour into the waiting teeth of the just 7,000 cheetahs left on the planet. Victory is short-lived. Now, each takes turns in defending their meal while the other four feet up before the hyenas can get the true measure of their strengths or weakness.

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