Earl Lee Johnson jr Facebook Video – Baton Rouge Woman Stabbed on Facebook / Instagram Live

  • A woman, Janice David from Baton Rouge, was stabbed to death on Facebook’s Instagram live by her boyfriend
  • Earl Lee Johnson, 35, stabbed his girlfriend and streamed his crime on Instagram live
  • Instagram is owned by Facebook (Now Metaverse) that’s why people are calling the video as Facebook live
  • In the Instagram live video, Earl Lee Johnson claimed that Janice David stole drugs from him and he is going to punish her.
  • After reports regarding Earl Lee Johnson’s Facebook video, from multiple users, Baton Rouge Police have arrested Earl Lee on Monday in the suspicion of murder
Ear Lee Johnson has been arrested for stabbing his girlfriend and streaming his crime live on Facebook

Earl Lee Johnson jr. facebook live video: Man arrested for killing his girlfriend because she was caught stealing drugs from him. The 35-year-old Earl Lee Johnson from Baton Rouge, streamed the video of him, beating his girlfriend, Janice David, live on Facebook, which led to his arrest.

Photo of Janice David
Victim Killed during Facebook live stream is 34-year-old Janice David

Authorities arrested Earl Lee Johnson, 35, on Monday after they found the victim’s naked body bound to a vehicle’s steering wheel with jumper cables.

According to details, the Ear Lee Johnson’s livestreamed fatal stabbing of a woman on social media led police to her body in an office building parking lot in Louisiana’s capital.

Baton Rouge Police found Janice David’s naked body bound to a vehicle’s steering wheel with jumper cables late Monday night, news outlets reported.

A Facebook user who saw the Earl Lee Johnson’s live video of the attack on a Facebook Live feed, notified Facebook, which in turn contacted authorities, according to the reports.

Authorities arrested Earl Lee Johnson, 35, on Monday and charged him with first-degree murder. During a news conference Tuesday to announce the arrest, police said Johnson and David had been on a dayslong “drug binge” before he allegedly choked, beat and stabbed her.

“Apparently they were involved in some drug usage together for a couple of days and the end result — as everyone has seen on Facebook Live — is a very gruesome, very evil act,” police spokesperson L’Jean McKneely said.

Autopsy results are pending on David, 34, of Baton Rouge.

Below is the police report regarding the incident.

Press release of Baton Rouge police regarding the arrest of Earl Johnson Lee in the suspicion of Janice David's murder

Updates: Video of stabbing of the woman was actually livestreamed on Instagram, which is owned by Meta (Facebook). A representative from Facebook said in astatement:

“We’ve removed the video from our platform, disabled the account that posted it, and will be supporting law enforcement in their investigation.”

Below is the Screenshot of Facebook’s response over the Facebook live stabbing video. The Screenshot was shared by Lester Duhe, a Louisiana based Journalist, reporter of WAFB channel 9 and Social media guy.

Response of Facebook's representative over the video of woman stabbed on Facebook live (which was actually Instagram live)

Earl Lee Johnson Facebook Live Video

A 34-year-old woman, identified as Janice David, was found dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Police discovered her body after a Facebook user reported a livestream by a man “Earl Lee Johnson”, who was seen beating his diseased girlfriend during the Facebook live.

According to availablereports, Earl Lee Johnson had a dispute with his girlfriend Janice David regarding drugs, they both seems to be selling. The live Facebook streaming of Earl Lee Johnson shows him beating her and saying that she stole drugs from him and he is going to punish her. Earl Lee Johnson’s live stream shows the hand of Janice David tied with some sort of cloth.

Although Facebook has removed Earl Lee Johnson Facebook stream and disabled his Facebook account. But some users have screen recorded the video and shared it on Twitter and Reddit.

Many people are curious and want to watch Earl Lee Johnson’s Facebook video. But we will advise you that it is not appropriate and you may find it disturbing to watch. However, if you are curious and willing to watch it, then here is the link to Earl Lee Johnson’s Facebook live stream video which is available on Twitter.