• Eric_perteet, “Tik_Tok13 Twitter page” and Wolfybreezy are currently trending on Twitter after sharing a school fight video
  • Above mentioned Twitter users (Eric Perteet, Tik_Tok13 and Wolfybreezy) shared a video showing an altercation between two people (a girl and boy) in the college
  • Twitter users claim, the man in the fight stood up after getting stabbed in the lungs, and became the winner of the fight.

On October 29, 2021, a school fight video, labelled as Eric_perteet fight video, went viral on Twitter, TikTok and Facebook and people became curious to know more about the video. Many people have seen the trend on TikTok but didn’t watch the video. In the article below, we will explain about Eric_perteet Twitter video (also known as Wolfybreezy Twitter video and Tik_Tok13 Twitter video) You can also watch the purported video below in this article.

According to details, a Twitter user “@Eric_perteet” shared a video of two people (a girl and a boy) on his now-suspended TikTok page and Twitter account. The purported video shows two persons engaged in an altercation. The girl whose identity is yet unknown seems to overtake the boy with punches and slaps. The boy can be seen cornered while the girl throws punches at him.

The video caption states “Bro got stabbed and still won the fight tf.”

Many viewers claim that one person in the video got stabbed in the lungs by his opponent but he still won the fight.

However, in the video, the boy doesn’t look injured and no wound is visible on his body.

Eric Perteet’s TikTok account has been suspended after Uploading the fight video. “They took the fight down and banned my Tik tok wtfff,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Eric_perteet joined Twitter in August 2021 and he has 108,9 followers until now.

Screenshot of Eric_perteet Twitter profile

Where can you watch Eric_perteet fight video (Watch Eric Perteet Twitter video shared by Tik_Tok13 and Wolfybreezy Twitter)

The Twitter user shared the fight video on his Twitter page as well. However, after getting banned from TikTok, he has deleted the video from Twitter.

But there are several Twitter users who have downloaded Eric_perteet fight video and shared it on Twitter.

A Twitter user Wolfybreezy (@Wolfybreezy) is one of those people who shared Eric_perteet fight Twitter on Twitter. You can watch Eric_perteet fight video, below.

Wolfybreezy is also a Twitter user who shares rare fight videos, specifically the fights with hilarious moments.

Other than Twitter user Wolfybreezy, one more Twitter user “Tik_Tok13” also shared the purported video on Twitter and you can watch the video here.

He wrote in the caption of the video: “he gets stabb3d in a fight, but still mange’s to beat that b***hes a*s.

The identity of the girl and boy, seen in the viral video, hasn’t been confirmed yet and we will update this article once more information gets received.

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