Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration – Ariana Grande’s Skin

    Ariana Grande’s skin – Players of Fortnite Battle Royale can now buy Destiny 2 cosmetic items. The Fortnite x Destiny 2 collaboration has added different things like three skins, pickaxes, and the Investigate emote.

    Ariana Grande's skin - Investigate a new emote in Destiny 2

    It turns out that the Investigate emote works with the Ariana Grande skin in Fortnite, but no one knows if this was done on purpose or not. This is likely just a visual glitch that accidentally got into the game.

    Ariana Grande is one of the most well-known people to appear in Fortnite Battle Royale. On August 7, 2021, the artist had her concert in the game, which was beautiful.

    A few months after the singer’s live show, Epic Games released Spacefarer Ariana Grande, a new version of her skin. This is a skin for the Icon Series that comes in different styles.


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    Ariana Grande skin

    When used on Ariana Grande’s Spacefarer skin, the latest Fortnite emote, added as part of a collaboration with Destiny 2, has a strange effect. The emote changes the skin, and the new look is cool.

    GKI, a popular YouTuber best known for posting glitches, found this reaction. This is probably another bug, but since it doesn’t make the game unplayable, Epic Games might not fix it for a while.

    The emote makes the skin look even better, especially its Starfire version. The variant’s colors are a mix of black and red, but the emote turns the whole skin bright red.

    Ariana Grande's skin

    The sad thing is that the emote only lasts a few seconds. When it’s over, the skin will return to how it looked.

    It’s important to know that Ariana Grande’s Spacefarer skin comes with its own emote. This could be why it responds to the Investigate emote in secret.

    As shown in the video above, Ariana Grande’s skin comes with an emote that lets players change their style on the fly.

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    The Ariana Grande emote skin glitch could be fixed in the next Fortnite update.

    Ariana Grande’s skin – Since GKI’s channel is so popular, likely. Epic Games has already seen the bug, which could be fixed soon.

    The glitch, however, is not very important and doesn’t change. How the game is played, so the developers can take their time fixing it.

    Tuesday, August 30, is when the next update will happen. This is a big update for Fortnite that will add a lot of new stuff and fix a lot of bugs. The bug fix for Ariana Grande’s Spacefarer could also be included.

    This skin isn’t very common. The last time it was in the Item Shop was on March 17, 2022. It hasn’t been available since Chapter 3, Season 2, which makes it one of the rarest skins in the current chapter.

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