Girl Cuts-off Private parts of Her Harraser While Resisting Rape

Girl Cuts off the private parts of man while resisting the rape.

Faisalabad: in Tehsil Jaranwala, A young girl Cuts-off the private parts of Harasser While Resisting the rape. According to details, the man identified as Faisal tried to compel her for rape by showing a knife. But girl resisted and snatched his knife. Later on, the girl cuts off the private parts of Harasser (Faisal) by using that knife.

Local sources from Jaranwala reported the incident on social media and praised the girl for her brave act against rape. Also, Watch the Girl Imprisoned for 25 years in Jail over False Allegations of Kidnapping a child.

Following the news reports, A reported news blog reported that the brave girl cuts off a man’s genitals while protecting herself against a rape attempt. The incident occurred in Punjab’s Tehsil Jaranwala. According to the locals of Tehsil Jaranwala, a man named Faisal held the woman at knife-point and tried to rape her.

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However, the girl resisted using all force for trying to protect herself. She grabbed the knife from Faisal’s hand and chopped off his ‘private part’. After getting severely injured and screaming in pain, the ran away from the incident scene.

The girl reported to the police and applied to register a case for rape-attempt against Faisal. Jaranwala city police registered a case against him and are currently looking for him. Watch the Viral Video of Actress Alizeh Shah.