Image of suspect in shooting in Mississauga released by Peel Regional Police

    Peel regional police released the pictures of the Mississauga shooting suspect. Toronto police are looking for a suspect involved in the Mississauga shooting incident. One officer was killed in the Mississauga shooting incident.

    Multiple sources confirm to The Star that a Toronto police officer was killed and a suspect is “in police custody.” After daylight shooting in Mississauga on Monday. The officer was one of several people killed in a double shooting in the Peel Region. It continued in Halton Region a short time later, according to police.

    After shootings in Mississauga and Milton on Monday left, two people dead and three others hurt. Police and sources say that a suspect has been caught.

    Sources say that a Toronto police officer is thought to be one of the people hurt in Mississauga and that the officer has died.

    At 4:26 p.m., Peel Regional Police sent out an emergency alert saying they were looking for an active shooter driving a stolen black Jeep Cherokee who was armed and dangerous.

    Shawn Petry, 30, was named by Peel police as the person who did it. Police told reporters in Mississauga that the alert is being taken down.

    Sources say that Toronto police chief James Ramer is on his way to where the shooting happened around 2:15 p.m. near the intersection of Argentia Road and Winston Churchill Boulevard in Mississauga.

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    Mississauga Shooting Suspect Images Released

    Images of the suspect of the Mississauga shooting suspect is becoming a headline of every news today. Because it’s an aggressive incident happened. Lastly, Memphis Shooting Suspect was arrested, and now another suspect got arrested because, in the digital era, you can’t hide in the presence of CCTV cameras everywhere.

    Image of suspect in shooting in Mississauga released by Peel Regional Police

    Peel police said Monday afternoon that two people were shot and took one of them to a trauma center. They said the suspect fled the scene in a black Jeep Cherokee with the license plate CLMZ905, which is also how they described the vehicle.

    Moments later, police in Halton Region tweeted that there had been a shooting on Bronte Street South in Milton and that the suspect had left in a Black Jeep Cherokee with the same license plate.

    Soon after, Halton police said that one person had died at the scene and two others had been taken to the hospital.

    Halton Regional Police said, “The suspect has been found and is in police custody.”

    A representative for Ontario’s police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit, said they are part of the investigation. It wasn’t clear right away why the SIU was called. The agency looks into police officer deaths and injuries that are very bad.

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    Mississauga Shooting Incident

    At the scene in Mississauga. Dozens of police officers and Peel Regional Police vehicles were seen blocking off shopping plaza parking lots on Argentia Road near Winston Churchill Boulevard with yellow tape, making a grid that is still mostly a mystery.

    Several Toronto police motorcycles were also parked behind the tape on a side street that led to a Tim Horton’s at one of the plazas.


    A lot of officers in suits and uniforms were gathering outside the restaurant. A Peel Police bus partially blocked their view, and red and blue sirens went off.

    Also, the lot across the street was taped off, but it wasn’t clear why. There was also a forensic van there.


    Peel police said the suspect was black, thin, and had black hair. He was wearing all black and a yellow construction vest.

    Heather Cannon, a spokesperson for Peel Regional Police, told the media at 5:30 p.m. that a public safety alert about an active shooter on Monday afternoon is no longer in effect.

    Cannon said, “There is no danger to the public.”

    This was about the Mississauga Shooting Suspect, but everything is not public till now. When we get the update about the Mississauga Shooting Suspect, we will update you on

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