ISI agent Tarek Fatah dancing with girls in India
Tarek Fatah in a dance party in India. Image:

Tarek Fatah is a traitor of Pakistan, and a writer (mostly writes articles against Pakistan), who is living in self-exile in Canada but keep visiting India. He is one of the Top traitors who sit most of the time on Indian Channels and spit poison against Pakistan. But here Tarek Fatah is advising Indian people to never go for a war against Pakistan. Watch the video.

Video: Tarek Fatah About Pakistan Army

He was sitting on Indian Channel “ABP news” where he advised Indians to never go for a war with Pakistan.


I will advise India to never go for a war with Pakistan. Pakistan has tactical nukes and they will hit you by Tactical nuclear weapons. Pakistani soldiers are not with any ordinary faith. They love to fight and ready to die. But on Indian sides, soldiers want to live. I will never advise a war against Pakistan.

Tarek Fatah said in his interview on an Indian news channel.

Tarek Fatah is one of most criticized and hated person in Pakistan along Reham Khan and Adnan Sami Khan. Pakistani social media trolls were trolling Adnan Sami Khan and Tarek Fatah as “An ISI agent undercover in India”. The troll began when Adnan Sami Khan (A former Pakistani singer who gave up Pakistan’s nationality and settled in India) tweeted against Pakistan army back in February 2019.

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Pakistanis Troll Adnan Sami Khan as an ISI agent under cover in India.
Pakistanis Troll Adnan Sami Khan on Twitter. Image:

Adnan Sami Khan came under a massive trolling after his anti-Pakistan tweet and Pakistanis were hitting him with a label of “ISI agent” and “Major Adnan Sami Khan”. The troll influenced so much that Indian intelligence agencies called Adnan Sami Khan for an investigation to verify whether he is an ISI agent or not. Tarek Fatah was also under the same troll but with the title “An ISI agent of Pakistan undercover in India“.

He was also caught up in the United States last week by a group of Pakistani Americans and was humiliated with the chants of “Traitor, Namak Haram, and Shameless”. Also, Watch The Most Harami Country in the world according to Google.

Many Muslims in India and some Hindus also doubt that Tarek Fatah is an ISI agent because of his own statement on “INDIA TODAY” back in November 2016, that No Pakistani can go to India without the clearance of ISI.


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