#jamescharlesmanbun2021 trends after people share the memes and drawings of YouTuber James Charles

People want to see James Charles in a changed Haircut “Man Bun Hairstyle.” On December 28, 2020, #jamescharlesmanbun2021 became one of the top trends on Twitter after people have started sharing some photos of James Charles’ haircut and memes targeting YouTuber James Charles with “Man Bun hairstyle, a man’s hairstyle in which the hair is drawn back into a tight coil at the back or top of the head, in 2021.”


Reacting to the Twitter Trend, James Charles wrote on his Twitter account, the tweet reads: “why the hell is #jamescharlesmanbun2021 trending right now.”


This is How this all started.

Screenshot of Twitter trend featuring YouTube star James Charles

Twitter user ‘Ravioli’ (Name: Alex) shared a tweet, reads “James Charles man bun era was fun.”


They added an other tweet “#jamescharlesmanbun2021”

How #jamescharlesmanbun2021 trend started on Twitter
Image: Screenshot of Twitter trend
James Charles trends on Twitter and people ask him to change his haircut in Manbun hairstyle
Image: Screenshot of Twitter

After Ravioli’s tweets, their friends, Twitter users @chairlottte @natessencehall @stellmonsoon @XANNYGARDEN and @towniegoode, decided to make the hashtag viral.

Another social media user ‘Amber‘ shared some pictures of James Charles with Man Bun hairstyle and wrote: “#jamescharlesmanbun2021 bring it back pls James.”

YouTuber James Charles in Manbun hairstyle
James Charles Man bun 2021

Twitter user ‘Amber’ then made a video with James Charles’ pictures and asked him to change his hairstyle in 2021. The video was captioned, reads “it’s what the people need #jamescharlesmanbun2021.” Watch the video, below.


The video and the hashtag became viral and it got more than 40K views in just four hours. The views and the number of Tweets are rapidly increasing. More people are sharing memes and tweets and Drawings of YouTuber with the hashtag #jamescharlesmanbun2021.

See some reactions and memes, below.


What is a Man Bun? #jamescharlesmanbun2021

Although the man bun began as a hairstyle primarily for hipsters, it has since grown into a mainstream look. Today, many gents from many different groups choose to rock the style, which has become exceedingly popular. The man bun, which can only be achieved on medium or long hair lengths, is created by drawing the hair to the back or top of the head and securing it in a loop or coil. Watch the video below explaining how to do a Man Bun hairstyle.

Video: How to do a Man Bun hairstyle in 2021


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