Video: YouTuber James Charles Tells TikToker to not Have Kids

James Charles comments on the video of TikToker and tells her to not have kids

TODAY IN INSTANT REGRET: James Charles leaves nasty comment telling African-American TikToker “Hannahlee_Yoder” to never have children. James then Immediately deletes comment after getting backlash.

This is the video that prompted James Charles to leave the comment. In this video, the TikToker justifies why she will not allow her son to wear a dress in her house until he is of age. Watch the video, below.
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After the comments of James Charles, outrage sparked on social media. A Twitter user “Hobi” responded to James Charles in a tweet by saying:

I’m really disappointed in you saying to someone “don’t have kids please”. If you address this, I’d really appreciate. I was shocked about your comment. :/
Thank you. 💗

James Charles replied Hobi by saying:

If you can’t love your kids no matter how they want to express themselves, you shouldn’t have kids. I stand by what I said

21-year-old James Charles Dickinson is an American internet personality, beauty YouTuber and make-up artist. In 2016, he became the first male ambassador for CoverGirl. In addition to his YouTube channel, Charles has also gained traction on the video-sharing platform TikTok.