jimboboiii twitch stream – Buffalo shooting death toll rises to 10


jimboboiii twitch stream is an horrible incident took place at Buffalo shopping mall in New York where a white Supremacist called himself “jimboboiii” shot ten people while streaming his heinous crime live on Twitch.

Photo of the Shooter in the police custody after the Buffalo incident where he streamed his crime live on Twitch
Jimboboiii, real name Payton Gendron, is arrested for shooting at Buffalo Supermarket while streaming it live on Twitch

Twitch streamer known as Jimboboiii has been apprehended recently for allegedly shooting at a crowd and killing ten people. The arrested Twitch streamer is identified as Payton Gendron who is famous with his stage name Jimboboiii on Twitch.

The number of people who have died in the mass shooting that occurred this afternoon at a supermarket in Buffalo, the second largest city in New York, rises to ten.

The authorities confirmed this Saturday afternoon that there are already ten dead in the shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo, the second largest city in New York.

The Buffalo Police Department confirmed that there was a mass shooting at Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue on Saturday, around 3 p.m. It was also confirmed that the number of dead is 10 people.

It is currently unknown how many other people were shot and the identity of the suspect.

The supermarket of the shooting is in a residential area

“The supermarket is located in a predominantly African-American neighborhood about three miles north of downtown Buffalo,” the AP reported, noting that the surrounding area is mostly residential, with a Family Dollar store. and a fire station near the store.

Police closed off the block, which was surrounded by onlookers, and police cordoned off the entire parking lot with yellow tape.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was on the scene and is expected to speak any moment.

Through a tweet, the Buffalo Police Department indicated that the shooter is in custody , while asking people to avoid the area around Jefferson and Landon.

They report that the Buffalo shooting was broadcast on Twitch

“The Erie County Sheriff’s Office has ordered all available resources and personnel to assist,” that message concluded.

Local media have reported that the suspect would have broadcast the shooting live on Twitch while hitting several people with his bullets.

Some parts of Jimboboiii stream video were shared on Twitter. However they are very disturbing and Twitter is asked by the authorities to remove them from its platform.

One of video from viral “Buffalo Twitch stream” or it is being called now “Jimboboiii Twitch stream” shows the shooter arriving at the parking lot outside Buffalo store. Watch a safe part of Jimboboiii Twitch stream, below.

A clip from the live stream on Twitch that is claiming to have been a live stream video of the mass shooting at the Tops Market in #Buffalo, #NewYork. The video is NOT graphic, it shows the moments before the shooting begins.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz first tweeted confirming the shooting: “I was made aware of an active event of multiple shootings at Tops Markets on Jefferson Street in Buffalo. The police are on scene. Please stay away from the area.”

The New York governor also spoke out about the Buffalo shooting on that social media network, saying she is “following it closely” and that her office is offering assistance to local officials.