Realme 9 and Realme 9 5G: the seduction of the 4G mobile and the quality-price of the 5G model 



When you see two mobile phones with the same denomination, one with 4G and one with 5G, it tends to be thought that beyond the connectivity factor they are practically identical. However, there is less and less that circumstance, as pointed out by Realme 9 and Realme 9 5G, quite different from each other and with the common feature of the interesting.


When you stop at benefits, it is perceived that what one has does not have the other. One reaches one point and the other, to compensate for not matching that aspect, affects another. In the conception of both, in the ‘distribution’ of specifications, a set of balances can be seen, as was already detected when testing and comparing the Realme 8 and the Realme 8 5G.

20Bits test the Realme 9 Pro+

As was the case with its predecessors, there can be no talk of twin or twin phones at all, but rather they are differentiated variants. The brand has created them with different user profiles in mind. The Realme 9 is more complete and the Realme 9 5G has as a great claim 5G connectivity hand in hand with quality-price, which is why it cuts in some issues. The first costs 280 euros in the configuration of 6 GB + 128 GB or 300 euros in the configuration of 8 GB + 128 GB, and the second involves a disbursement of 250 euros (4 GB + 64 GB) or 280 euros (4 GB + 128 GB). With these amounts, they are located at the third price step of the 9th series, below the Realme 9 Pro+ and the Realme 9 Pro and above the Realme 9i.

The striking ripple effect of Realme 9 5G and Realme 9
The striking ripple effect of the Realme 9 5G and the Realme 9 

Realme is distinguished by the striking and casual designs, a type of plasmation that in this double case materializes in the wavy effect of the back due to its shine and reflections. To this end, the manufacturer has developed an innovative holographic ripple coating process. The Duna Golden color, exclusive to Realme 9, very attractive, symbolizes the trait, also present in the Interstellar White color of both devices. It should be noted that in Meteorite Black they do not have this design.

Beyond the colorful component, the two mobile phones exhibit a design of those that please, with their refined point and good finishes. Both offer comfort in the hand, although the greater lightness and thinness of the Realme 9 mean that it prevails in the section. It weighs 178 grams and is 7.99 mm thick compared to 191 grams and 8.55 mm thick compared to 5G.

The basic difference between variants is found in the processor, the QualcommSnapdragon 680 in the case of the Realme 9 with 4G and the Snapdragon 695 in the case of the Realme 9 5G. They convince, although sometimes they offer a less fluid performance than expected. Both are also governed by Android 12 according to the Realme UI 3.0 interface.

The screen of the Realme 9 5G and the Realme 9
The screen of the Realme 9 5G and the Realme 9 

The Realme 9 shows a 6.4-inch Super Amoled screen with FHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. On the other hand, that of the 6.6-inch Realme 9 5G raises fluidity to 120 Hz, a range to compensate for the absence of the Amoled issue. Both panels guarantee a good experience. Of course, 4G stages a much higher brightness quality.

The latest model cited stands out for its 108 MP main camera, a range that again appears in the mid-range of the company, whose debut in this regard came with the Realme 8 Pro. It has the Samsung HM6 sensor, from which the extra is perceived in terms of quality and luminosity. This camera is combined with an 8 MP ultra wide angle (120-degree field of view) and a 2 MP macro.

For the Realme 9 5G, it is committed to a 50 MP camera, the most indicative megapixel range of the average level and that begins to take away the presence of the 48 MP that mark the current trend. The secondary composition, a camera for black and white portraits and a macro, refers to the discreet and scarce.

The photography and videos of the first one like, without captivating boasting, and those of the second meet and satisfy. As a negative note, none of them allow you to record in 4K. Among other colorful functions, they include the Street Mode and the Diorama Effect.

They coincide with the 5,000 mAh battery, a capacity that allows for an estimated autonomy. However, they fall short of fast charging, especially the 5G model, with a modest speed of 18W (33W in terms of 4G, which recovers total energy in an hour and a quarter).

If we talk about sound, they comply but this could be improved, since dual stereo speakers and greater immersion are missing (it comes only from one side and it shows). As for other details, both respect the classic headphone jack and the space for microSD. In addition, 5G integrates fingerprint detection on the side and 4G on the screen itself, a sensor that also allows you to measure the heart rate (within Realme Lab).

Realme 9 or Realme 9 5G?

Once the comparison has been made, which one is more worth it? Within the fact that the two are attached to the mid-range more than interesting, the balance is in favor of Realme 9, more seductive in general and more telephone in terms of specifications.It is a good option if you are looking for a Realme mobile phone and it is not urgent at the moment to take the step of 5G. And if you want to enter the orbit of this connectivity, the quality-price of the Realme 9 5G makes it appealing even if it is more limited in deployment.Data sheet of Realme 9 and Realme 9 5G

  • Display: Super Amoled 6.4 inches (90 Hz) // 6.6 inches (120 Hz)
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 // Snapdragon 695
  • Configuration: 6 + 128 and 8 + 128 // 4 + 64 and 4 + 128
  • Rear cameras: 108 + 8 + 2 // 50 + B/W + macro
  • Front camera: 16 MP
  • Battery: 5,000 mAh (33W charge // 18W charge)
  • Connectivity: 4G // 5G (4G)
  • Operating system: Realme UI 3.0 (Android 12)
  • Other elements: two nanoSIM, microSD, fingerprint sensor (4G on screen and 5G on the side)
  • Weight: 178 grams // 191 grams
  • Price: from 280 euros // from 250 euros
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