Male Teacher beats a female student in Lahore

Lahore: A video became viral in which a male teacher of a private school, beating a female student. The incident took place in a private school of Kahna, Lahore, Pakistan. Watch the video of male teacher beating female student below.

Video: male teacher physically torturing the female student.

According to details, Teacher Hafiz Shah Nawaz is teaching at a private school in Kahna Nau (Lahore). One of the students captured the video from the second story of the school. The teacher was sticking the pend between the fingers of a female student, slapping her, twisting her arm and pushing her to the wall. While the other student is standing near them.

After beating the female student, Hafiz Shah Nawaz tortured the boy also with even more harsh way. Even though the physical punishment is strictly prohibited in the schools by the Punjab government, but several incidents happen each month where teachers were found beating the students. In the previous month (September 2019), a student Hunain Bilal was beaten to death by his teacher in the same city of Lahore.

The video of teacher Hafiz Shah Nawaz beating female student, became viral on social media and public seems angry on the incident.

Video: Male student tortures female student in lahore.

A Twitter user with the handle @alikhan221022 condemned the incident and demanded to the authorities for taking action on this incident. As in Pakistan, people use the term “Spiritual parents” for the teachers, many called for the end of this term.

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