Imran Khan became one of Most Searched UNGA leaders on Google

Google Trends about Most Searched UNGA leaders on Google.
Image: Screenshot Shot Google Trends.

Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan became one of most searched world leaders on Google during the 74th session of United Nations General. The session of UNGA is being held in New York City, the United States between September 17 to September 30. In the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, all global leaders (those who are members of the United Nations) are present to talk about Most crucial issues to face and ti debate.

Official Twitter account of “Google Trends” posted a screenshot of Most Searched UNGA leaders.

During the session, people are searching for these global leaders on Google. Google keeps data of all searches, its users make, and gives highlights of top trends in its service called “Google Trends“. All Google users around the globe can see what is trending on the Google. Data of Sepetember 25, 2019 evealed that prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan is one of most searched UNGA leaders on Google.

According to details, the president Donald Trump of United States is trending on the top of “most searched UNGA leaders on Google”. While PM Imran Khan is ranking as second most searched global leader on the Google (members of UNGA). It further shows that prime minister Boris Johnson of United Kingdom (UK) is ranking in third while President Jair Bolsonaro is trending as 4th most searched leader on the Google. Similarly the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi is trending at fifth position in “Top Google Trends” about UNGA leaders.

Imran Khan became one of most searched UN General Assembly leaders on Google.
Image: Google Trends.

As the president of the most powerful country of the world, and because of his warming statements and sometimes controversial Tweets, US president Donald Trump always stays in highlights and people keep searching about him periodically on the Google. But it is the first time that a prime minister of Pakistan was searched on the Google so many times that he became the 2nd most searched UN GENERAL Assembly leader.

An Oxford graduate, a former cricketer turned into politician Imran Khan was always in the lights because of his sportsmanship, aggressive style and handsome personality. But after the recent tensions between India and Pakistan on the issue of Indian occupied Kashmir, Imran Khan attracted the attention of the whole world by his statements on the issue. Include his several interviews with international media giants telling about the intensity of Kashmir issue and the consequences if the situation between India and Pakistan get escalates because of Kashmir issue.

During his stay in the United States for addressing the session of United Nations General Assembly, Pm Khan met all major world leaders and urged them to put pressure on India to raise the curfew at least from Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir, a disputed territory between India and Pakistan is under siege for 50 days by 900,000 Indian Troops. The curfew was imposed to push down the massive reaction of Kashmiri people after India revoked the article 370 and Article 35A on August 05, 2019, which provides a special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

During his meetings with dozens of Global leader, Prime minister Imran Khan was continuously pushing the international community and global powers to intervene and save the world from any expected Nuclear war which is very likely if Both nuclear countries (India and Pakistan) get engage to each other for the 4th time since Separation in 1947.