Shaukat Ali a 68 years old Muslim man  beaten by angry Hindu Mob and forced to Eat Pork in Assam India. Beef is not man in Assam and Northeast of India. Apart from muslims many communities eat beef. But near the elections Extremist Hindu groups are not leaving any chance to spread violence against Minorities in India. Here is the full video how this 68 years old Muslim man beaten and forced to eat Pork by angry Mob.

Pork ( The pig Meat ) is most disgusting thing for Muslims. The violent Hindus are well aware of this. That’s why They are forcing this old Muslim man to eat Pork as an act of humiliation.

Muslim Man Forced to Eat Pork
Shaukat Ali the 68 years old Muslim man beaten and forced to eat Pork in Assam.

Since BJP of Narendra Modi Came into Power, a steep rise in violence against Minorities has been observed in India. This is not the first incident of Violence against muslim in this month. Also watch: RSS Supporters Beating an Indian Muslim brutally.

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