Naeem Ul Haq with Mehwish Hayat viral picture

A Close friend of Prime minister Imran Khan Naeem Ul Haq and Senior journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti Engaged in fight and Bashing each other on Media and Twitter. Both engaged in a series of media statements and tweets against each other on Tuesday and Wednesday. The conflict between Naeem Ul Haq and Arif Hameed Bhatti began when senior Journalist raised questions on activities of Haq in prime minister house on Tuesday evening in a Tv show with anchor Rana Mubashir. A short clip of Bhatti’s statement from that Tv show was circulating on social media in which Arif Hameed Bhatti speaks quoting Naeem Ul Haq.

“We know what is going on in the fourth floor of prime minister house. Who is up and down of the room of Naeem Ul Haq? What was the reason when Prime minister Imran Khan scolded Naeem Ul Haq and said be careful inside prime minister house”.

Arif Hameed Bhatti accuses Naeem Ul Haq for indecent activities inside prime minister house.

The video of his statement about Naeem Ul Haq became viral on social media. PMLN supporters were happy to share the video with massive trolls. Here is the video of Arif Hameed Bhatti’s statement about Naeem Ul Haq.

Video: Journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti accuses Naeem Ul Haq for indecent activities inside prime minister house.

Naeem Ul Haq did not keep calm after the statement of Bhatti. He came on Twitter and posted on his Twitter account:

That unemployed drunk Arif Hamid Bhatti has been talking nonsense against me after finishing his bottle every evening. So far he has uttered complete nonsense and lies. Let us pray for him to get rid of his drinking and lying. May he be more at peace with himself. Ameen.

Naeem Ul Haq replies to Arif Hameed Bhatti
Tweet of Naeem Ul Haq

The war between both did not end here. In the next show of GNN news channel on Wednesday Bhatti challenged to Naeem Ul Haq to go for a medical test of both. Taunting Naeem Ul Haq in the show, Bhatti said,

Maybe what Naeem Ul Haq said about me, could be true. But let’s take me for a medical examination. If alcohol was proved in my medical examination, then you are allowed to cut my head on Minar e Pakistan. But if it comes negative, then we will conduct 3 medical examinations of you. Mr Naeem Ul Haq, your party members and your room will be a witness of your indecent activities inside the prime minister house.

Arif Hameed Bhatti challenges Naeem Ul Haq to go for a medical examination.
Video: Bhatti challenges Naeem Ul Haq to go for a medical test.

The friend of Imran Khan was under social media trolls in the past when his pictures with several Tv actresses became viral on social media. Many people were raising questions that why He is staying in Pm house and why he was enjoying lunches and dinners with Tv actresses inside Pm house. A picture of Pakistani Film star and Tv actress Mehwish Hayyat caught attention because in the back mirror people found Naeem Ul Haq sitting on a Chair while Mehwish Hayat is giving a glamourous pose for one of her Photoshoots. Here are few photos of Naeem Ul Haq with several Tv actresses.

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