“Not For Men” Trends on Twitter after “Mike oxmall guns and Ammo” shares Trump toys

"Not for Men" trends on Twitter after Trump's head shape toys surfaced on social media

“Not For Men” Trends on Twitter after “Mike oxmall guns and Ammo” shares a photo Trump toys (an insane product they created to troll Donald Trump).

According to details, on May 5, 2021, “NOT FOR MEN” made its space on Twitter’s trending page after a parody Facebook page shared an insane photo of what they call “Trum Toys.”

People who clicked over the trend “NOT FOR MEN” in order to find out why this key keyphrase is trending, fell into regret after seeing the colour Toys (specific for women) with the head of Donald Trump on their Tip.


A Twitter user wrote: “So i get morbidly curious for why weird shit is trending (mostly think it’s Dream related). I see that “NOT FOR MEN” is trending. I check it out and apparently it’s about a Facebook post advertising Trump Shape Dildos for sale. Didn’t know the cult merch now does s*x toys.”

“I should’ve never clicked on the “NOT FOR MEN” trending topic…,” wrote another Twitter user.

Who are “Mike Oxmall’s Guns & Ammo” and what are Trump Toys

“Mike Oxmall’s Guns & Ammo” is a parody Facebook page making jokes about Donald Trump and other U.S. politicians. The Facebook page has few hundred followers on Facebook and you can visit this Facebook page here.

Photo of Trump toys shared by Mike Omxall's Guns and Ammo Facebook page

On April 29, 2021, Mike Omxall’s Guns and Ammo shared a picture of a dozens of colourful sex-toys which were shaped into Donald Trump at their tip. They named it “Trump Toys” and said the toys are for sale. They wrote in the description of their post:

“We are now selling home made #Trump “toys” for that special lady in your life ( not for men). #trump2020 #trump2024 #TrumpPence2020 # Trump2020Landslide.”

Post by Mike Omxall’s Guns and Ammo

In fact they are not selling any toys but trolling Donald Trump only.

Some Facebook users took the Screenshot of their Facebook post and shared it on Twitter. Since then, “NOT FOR MEN” is trending on Twitter and the Screenshot is going viral with people making jokes and memes. You can see the Screenshot on Twitter here.

See below, how people are reacting to “Trump Toys” on Twitter.


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