Fact check, Did Dixie D'amelio and Charli D'amelio said N-word

Charli D’amelio was receiving criticism by her fans and fans were unfollowing Charli D’amelio on TikTok since her YouTube video on November 16, in which she allegedly became disrespectful to her chef, went viral. But besides her fans, Trisha Paytas came forward as the biggest critic of Charli D’amelio and a war of allegations sparked between Trisha Paytas and Charli D’amelio (including Charli’s friends).


As a part of the battle, On the morning of November 21, Trisha Paytas shared a video that claims Charli and Dixie D’Amelio said the n-word.

In the clip shared by Trisha Paytas, Dixie D’amelio and Charli D’amelio can be seen dancing in the car on an unidentified song (as the music in the video seems corrupted).


Trisha Paytas shared the above video in the response to Charli D’amelio’s deleted TikTok video which shows Dixie D’Amelio dances to the audio of Trisha Paytas rapping NWA’s “F*** The Police.” Trisha says the n-word in the audio. The video was later deleted by Dixie D’amelio from her TikTok account. However, the deleted video is still on Twitter as in the tweet, below.

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Charli D’Amelio responded to Trisha Paytas by saying that she had the original version of the video on her Instagram story.


Charli D’amelio addressed the clip, shared by Trisha Paytas, on her Instagram story. She reposted the original video on her Instagram story.

Charli D'amelio posts original video on her Instagram story. Sound in The original video is noticeably different than the one Trisha Paytas shared
Image: Screenshot of Charli D’amelio’s Instagram story

Here is The original version of the video shared by Trisha Paytas. The audio is noticeably different than the version shared by Trisha. Which means Trisha Paytas shared a pirated video of Charli, and D’amelio sisters haven’t said the “N-word.”

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Trisha responded to Charlie’s comment by sharing the video of Dixie dancing to the N-word. TikTok removed the audio from the video. While sharing the video of Dixie D’amelio’s TikTok dance over her voice, Trisha Paytas said in a tweet:

“@dixiedamelio I said this 10 years ago and have since apologized numerous times; u danced and smiled to it YESTERDAY! where’s ur apology ?? Not cool in 2020 girl.”

There is much more to come in this (Trisha Paytas vs D’amelio) battle. We will update as anything new happens. Keep visiting.


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