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    Reham Khan

    Video: Waqar Zaka Questions Reham Khan and she escapes In a video interview, Waqar Zaka questioned Reham Khan about her book and keeping secrets.

    Reham Khan Spits Poison Against Molana Tariq Jameel

    Recently, Molana Tariq Jameel came into headlines and backlash on electronic media after he said: "The whole media is a liar". Following the outrage...

    Shahbaz Sharif is More Handsome Than Imran Khan – Reham Khan

    EX-Wife of prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan, Reham Khan says "Shahbaz Sharif is More Handsome Than Imran Khan". In her recent video statement...

    Reham Khan Spitting poison while Sitting on Indian Channels

    Ex-wife of Prime minister Imran Khan, Reham Khan Spitting poison once again while sitting on Indian Tv channels. This time she shows her burns...

    Reham Khan Dance Video with Her First Husband Ijaz

    Reham Khan wss famous because of her dance video with a European when she was working as a weather girl. But before getting married...

    Ex-Wife Reham Khan Verbally Abuses Prime minister Imran Khan

    The grief of not becoming the first lady of Pakistan and lost the golden chance after the divorce. The Ex-wife of Prime minister Imran...

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