The new iPhone models have the best Android features.

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This feature is expected to be announced along with the future iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max by Apple. 

Android users have had a feature that iPhone users have not had: the ability to keep the screen on. On the other hand, Apple, on the other hand, appears to be attempting to ensure that its consumers may do so as well. 

‘Always-on display’ technology may not appear to be a very valuable tool for everyone. However, some people would rather not have to unlock their phones every time they want to check the time or see whether they have gotten any notifications in order to save money. 

Some of the most recent Android cellphone models have already enabled this feature for them, but Apple has yet to join the party. According to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman, this is going to change with the Apple brand’s next generation of iPhones. 


The company hopes to make the leap to its smartphones after introducing this change with the fifth iteration of its Apple Watch. According to the rumours, this novelty will only be accessible to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, so regular iPhone 14 users will not be able to try it out. 

Apple phones, like Android phones, would leave the screen black but reveal the crucial data. Which ones are they? The current time and any notifications

According to Gurman, the technology firm would allow users to add wallpapers and widget-like capabilities to their on-screen displays. Apple, on the other hand, will make it dark in order to save battery life. 

But why is this a positive thing for Apple fans? Many people believe that leaving the screen on all the time is harmful to the screen. Regardless, continuously unlocking and blocking the phone is worse than having the screen black and only a small amount of information illuminated at all times.