Minahil Malik leaked video and leaked pictures

TikTok Star Minahil Malik leaked video and Minahil Malik leaked pictures became viral on social media and sparked massive criticism and backlash against her. But many People were also sharing Minahil Malik leaked video and pictures in WhatsApp groups and social media groups. Watch the leaked video, below.

Video: Minahil Malik leaked video scandal

Leaked video of Minahil Malik shows that she is begging her boyfriend to delete her inappropriate photos which she sent him during the romantic moments. The viral video further reveals that she is threatening him by sleeping pills while tears in her eyes. It seems that her boyfriend is blackmailing her by her inappropriate pictures and asking money if she wants him to delete her pictures.

A twitter user shares Minahil Malik’s leaked pics

Here is what in the leaked Pictures of Minahil Malik which she sent to her boyfriend.

Minahil Malik was filming herself in inappropriate condition and she was sending those pictures and video to her boyfriend. Minahil Malik’s leaked pics were so inappropriate that he (the boyfriend) could easily blackmail her by leaking those pictures. And he did that.

Reports suggest that he asked money from Minahil Malik and leaked those pictures on social media after her refusal of giving him money.

According to further details, those inappropriate pictures of Minahil Malik leaked and became viral on social media. According to confirmed sources, her boyfriend leaked those pictures after she refused to fulfill his demands.

See more photos of Minahil Malik, below.

TikTok Star Minahil Malik in a unique pose
Image via social media
Minahil Malik viral Picture
Image via Twitter
TikTok star Minahil Malik

Social media Reaction over Minahil Malik leaked video and Leaked Pictures

Vlogger’s reaction over leaked video

Social media users reacted to the leaked video and leaked pictures in quite a common way. They started sharing her leaked video and leaked pictures with their friends along with funny memes and captions in order to create fantasy. See some reactions over Minahil Malik’s leaked video and leaked pictures, below.

A Twitter user ‘Memer Hoon’ shared leaked pictures of Minahil Malik and Screenshots of her leaked and wrote: “Masoom hain wo log jinko yeh scene nai pata, #minahilmalik.”

Another Twitter user ‘BatameeZLarki1’ shared same pictures of TikTok star and wrote: “same background kia scene hai? #Minahil_malik jaani Wtf .”

See more reactions over Minahil Malik leaked video and pictures, below.


Minahil Malik Wiki

With 563.390K+ followers on TikTok, Minahil Malik is considered as one of the popular TikTok stars in Pakistan. Not only on the lip-syncing app but Minahil Malik is also popular on the photo-sharing app, Instagram. Minahil Malik has set username on TikTok as @minahilmalik727.

Tiktok star Minahil Malik profile
Image: Screenshot from TikTok

Taking the advantage of her popularity on social media, she has also worked with several advertising agencies. She Born on 28 July 1994 , Minahil Malik hails from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. As in this month, Minahil Malik‘s age will be 26 years after two weeks.

Response of Minahil Malik After her Leaked Pictures and video scandal

Minahil Malik doesn’t seem much worried after her leaked pictures and video became viral. She is regularly uploading her new dance videos to her Tiktok account after her viral video in which she was seen threatening her boyfriend by tears and sleeping pills.

After the viral video of Minahil Malik, some rumours spread over social media that she is stressed and attempted suicide. Even some people spreading the rumours of Minahil Malik’s death due to shame after leaked pictures. But all of those rumours were false. Minahil Malik is absolutely fine and enjoying the spike in her followers’ list after her leaked pictures and video scandal.

She has uploaded nine more Dance videos on her Tiktok account after her leaked video scandal. Watch her latest video, below.

My latest Video😛😛 Tum mere Ho na ????#tiktokdance #minahilmalik #minahilmalikViralVideo

Posted by Minahil Malik on Monday, July 13, 2020
Video: latest viral video of Minahil Malik after her leaked video scandal

Minahil Malik also participated in her co-stars’ Tiktok videos during the past two days. She, however, didn’t say any word about her leaked pictures and video scandal.

Following her footsteps, two of her friends (also Tiktok stars) has also leaked their inappropriate videos and pictures. Tiktok star Sana Sheikh leaked her Nude photos and Malika Cheema leaked her inappropriate video soon after Minahil Malik’s scandal.

Reports suggest that these Tiktok stars leaking their private videos and pictures in order to gain dark-fame and more followers.


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