Charli D'amelio and Dixie Damelio caught cheating in Trivia Tournament hosted by Mr Beast

TikTok star Charli d’amelio and Dixie d’amelio are both getting accused of cheating in Mr Beast’s $300k creator games. Charli D’Amelio’s TikTok comments section has been flooded with people calling her out for cheating on Mr. Beast’s $300,000 Trivia Tournament.

People comment after Charli D'amelio and Dixie D'amelio caught cheating in Mr Beast's 300,000 USD Trivia challenge
Angry fans accuse Damelio family of cheating
Video: The moments when D’amelio sisters won Mr Beast $300,000 Trivia Tournament.

However there was the whole D’amelio family, sitting and helping Charli D’amelio and Dixie D’amelio. Here is the video proof of their cheating. Watch the video, below.

video: Charli D’amelio and Dixie D’amelio caught cheating

A trivia elimination tournament, hosted by Mr. BEAST, to see who is the smartest creator in the world! Last one standing receives $300,000 to give to their subscribers.


Competitors: Addison Rae vs. GeorgeNotFound, KSI vs. Rosanna Pansino, Mark Rober vs. Gibi Safiya, Nygaard vs. Kwebbelkop, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio vs. Preston Arsement, Yes Theory vs. Bretman Rock, Typical Gamer vs. Lexi Rivera, Dream vs. MatPat and Steph, Alex Warren vs. Lazarbeam, Matt Stonie vs. Marques Brownlee, Laurenzside vs. ZHC, Swoozie vs. Jaiden Animations.

Charlie D’amelio and her family cheated on the 300.000$ tournament. The lineup said that it’s gonna be Charli D’amelio and her sister but Charli brought the whole family for the trivia. Fans believe that this is unfair but don’t go hate on Charli for doing this.

We might see some rounds where there is a 4v1 (Charlie and her family Vs Preston) and 4v2 like (Charlie and her family Vs yes theory) but the money is given by the fans of the winner.



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