Video of Fight At Miami Airport outside Urban Decay Goes Viral on Social media


On April 25, 202, a video of a fight (brawl), among seven passengers, surfaced on social media and went viral. WATCH: Brawl involving multiple passengers at Miami International Airport outside the Urban Decay at Gate D14, caught on video, below.

The 90 seconds long video shows two groups of seven people, three in the one group and four in the other are engaging in a brawl and throwing punches at each other. Meanwhile, dozens of passengers are shouting to call for security. Many of them were filming the fight between these passengers.

According to details, the large brawl involving multiple passengers was caught on video today at Miami International Airport in the D-concourse outside of the Urban Decay store. Check it out (although we wish our videographer filmed in landscape and not portrait):

The above video of the Miami Airport fight outside the Urban Decay became viral on Twitter and it has received half a million views until the creation of this article. Thousands of people are commenting on the incident and the video.

While commenting on the Miami Airport fight video, many people pointed out that during the whole 90 seconds fight, no security personnel or cops showed up to stop them.

“Kinda wild a brawl is allowed to continue for at least 2 minutes at an international airport and zero security or police show up,” a person on Twitter said in a comment on the incident.

However, Our sources say arrests were made. We’ve reached out to @MiamiDadePD for details and waiting to hear back.

One person said on Twitter, “You know, maybe all of those bystanders could have stepped in instead of just shouting, “stop!””

Here’s another angle of the Miami International Airpor brawl: