World Economic Forum Endorses Imran Khan’s Billion Tree Project

Video: World Economic forum endorses Pm Khan’s Billion Tree Project.

World Economic forum aims to plant one trillion Trees under ( in an effort to restore world’s forests and reduce the carbon from our atmosphere. At the launching of One Trillion tree campaign, World Economic forum endorsed prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan’s billion tree project.

  • Davos initiative aims to unite and promote reforestation efforts worldwide.
  • Forum hopes to mobilize funds and political support.
  • Even climate sceptic Trump has pledged to back its work

The World Economic Forum has launched a global initiative to grow, restore and conserve 1 trillion trees around the world – in a bid to restore biodiversity and help fight climate change.

The project aims to unite governments, non-governmental organisations, businesses and individuals in a “mass-scale nature restoration”.

A day ahead of its official launch, the initiative received the support of US President Donald Trump. While a sceptic on climate change, Trump said he wanted to show “strong leadership in restoring, growing and better managing our trees and our forests”.

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, said: “The next decade must see unprecedented levels of collaboration if we are to meet global climate, biodiversity and Sustainable Development Goals. presents an important example of how stakeholders from all walks of life and all ages can work together to achieve a single, globally significant goal.”

Prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan expressed his vision at world Economic Forum. As the agenda of World Economic Forum 2020 was the global climate change and to address the challenges our earth is facing, Prime minister Imran Khan laid his efforts to restore the forests in Pakistan. Watch more in the video, below.

Video: World Economic forum endorses PM Imran Khan’s Billion Tree Campaign.

After taking into the office as prime minister of Pakistan, Khan has moved one step ahead and announced to plant 10 billion trees in the next five years.

Also, Watch the host at world Economic Forum praisesPM Imran Khan after His Speech.

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