Blue_jahmeir Video – Jaybedawinq Twitter Video and Ihyvon video explained


Blue_jahmeir Twitter video also known as “Jaybedawinq video, shiftmvp video and ihyvon video” is currently going viral on Twitter and TikTok and people are madly hunting for the video which they shouldn’t.

Content Warning: The article below discusses about NSFW content of minors which may not suitable for some readers. Readers discretion is advised.

If you are also looking for Blue_jahmeir video (ihyvon video or shiftmvp video) then this is the right place for you because we will explain all about the viral video and we will tell you where can you watch the viral “Blue_jahmeir or Shiftmvp” video outside of Twitter.

According to details, on July 25, 2021, multiple Twitter users including, Blue_jahmeir (Twitter name Jaybedawinq), @shiftmvp and “Ihyvon” shared a CP video (NSFW by its nature). The same video shared by multiple users became popular by multiple titles such as “shiftmvp video, Ihyvon Twitter video and Blue_jahmeir Twitter video. But in fact it was a single video.

The video shows an underage girl playing alongside two underage boys. The person (jaybedawinq) asked people to follow him on Instagram and given them his Instagram account ID which was “jaynevercap”. This person also shared the famous 4v1 fight video on his Instagram page. He was sharing the Screenshots of the viral Blue_jahmeir or Ihyvon video showing the number of views the viral video has received.

The video, which was screenrocorded with a reaction of the Twitter user Jaybedawinq (Twitter username: @Blue_jahmeir, instantly gone viral on Twitter and people on TikTok began talking about the purported video.

Many people from TikTok rushed to Twitter in order to watch Blue_jahmeir Twitter video and felt regret over their decision. See the reactions of some of them, below.


Where can you watch Blue_jahmeir Twitter video (Ihyvon video)

During few hours of its posting, the viral Blue_jahmeir video received more than hundred thousand views on Twitter. But later on, Due to its nature, the Twitter has removed Jaybedawinq (@Blue_jahmeir), @shiftmvp and @Ihyvon from Twitter by disabling their Twitter accounts.

Since the shiftmvp video has been deleted from Twitter, many people are asking their fellow Twitter users to send them Blue_jahmeir video if someone have it in his phone. Meanwhile some are promising to send the video in exchange of followers and retweets.

A Twitter user who is actually luring people into Instagram followers, wrote: yo i got @blue_jahmeir video dm me not cappingxx.”

“ill be sending it on insta (marvelous310k) because its sending way to slow on twitter. your welcome to unfollow after if u want i just want everyone to get to see the vid cuz i was curios as yall until i saw it,” he added.

Another user wrote: “What’s the video I’m kinda curious and wanna see it 😭.”

We doubt if someone from Twitter has the video because it is a common tactic of getting followers. But some people have uploaded the video on YouTube and you can watch Blue_jahmeir video (also known as Ihyvon Twitter video) below.
video: Blue_jahmeir Twitter video also known as Ihyvon video

Furthermore, after Blue_jahmeir, Ihyvon and shiftmvp accounts being disabled, a new Twitter account “ThatXuzi and Thatxuzibackup” emerged on Twitter and they posted the same video with a new title “Thatxuzi Twitter video” and Thatxuzibackup video. You can watch THATXUZI video (Blue_jahmeir video) on Twitter on this link.