Bruno diferente Twitter video goes viral  - Bruno Diferente head video explained

Bruno Diferente head video goes viral on Twitter and fans of Brazilian YouTube star are now questioning whether the Viral “Twitter video of Bruno Diferente getting head” is real or fake.

Bruno Pereira da Silva (June 23th, 1983), professionally known as Bruno Diferente, is a Brazilian internet celebrity, politician, and YouTuber. He is best known for his videos tasting Brazilian food like açai or tapioca, which became memes because of his face, which is this way because of an illness.

Earlier on July 16, an inappropriate video of Bruno Diferente emerged on Twitter and TikTok which was labeled as “Bruno Diferente head video and Bruno Diferente Twitter video.”


The purported video shows Bruno Diferente in a car while getting head by a girl. The video further shows Bruno Diferente showing his tongue out of fantasy. The girl in the viral “Bruno Diferente head video” was later identified as Rebeca Vasconcelos, a Brazilian Blogger, and Instagram model.

In no time, Bruno Diferente’s video went viral on Twitter and people began talking about Bruno Diferente Twitter video. Many of his fans adore him and it was quite unexpected for them to see Bruno in such kind of situation.

A Twitter user wrote on Twitter which translated as “I didn’t need to have seen Bruno’s leaked video.”

Another user wrote: “Traumatized by the leaked video of Bruno Diferente.”

Where Can you Watch leaked Bruno Diferente head video

We are not going to upload the original video here as it is against our content Policy. We will advise you also to not search for Bruno Diferente head video or Bruno Diferente’s Twitter video as it may not suitable for some viewers.

However, the video has been shared on Twitter and you can watch full video of Bruno Diferente getting head on Twitter by going on this link and here also.


Rebeca Vasconcelos Responded to her and Bruno Diferente Twitter video

Rebecca Vasconcelos is the girlfriend of Bruno Diferente. She has few hundred followers on Instagram.

Rebeca Vasconcelos had an int1m*te video leaked in which she performs head job on her boyfriend, the digital influencer from Bruno Diferente. After the repercussion of the video, the blogger expressed her herself on social networks.

Rebutting the criticism she has been receiving after her leaked video with Bruno Diferente, Rebeca wrote: “The more you talk, the more my a*s grows. Kisses”.


Bruno Diferente Wiki

Brazilian YouTube star Bruno Diferente

38-year-old Bruno Diferente is a Comedy content creator and social media personality who is recognized for his unique appearance. His comedic YouTube videos have been viewed over 14 million times total on his Bruno Diferente channel.


Bruno Pereira da Silva


Bruno Diferente


Curuçá, State of Pará, Brazil



Internet Celebrity


Civil Rights knowledge


Eating exotic food

Recording YouTube videos
Hanging out with his friends
Making raffles on social networks
Flirt with girls



To become councilor of Curuçá (ongoing)

To give positive self-confident messages to his fans.


Unnamed parents

Unnamed grandmother

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