Men arrested for Filming women by installing hidden cameras in Try-Rooms

Gujranwala, Nayab Shopping centre, Police arrested a man Aslam and his Son Umar Aslam after leaked videos from a ladies try-room filmed by hidden cameras, surfaced on internet.

Video: Leaked video from Nayab shopping centre’s ladies try-room

According to details, two men have been caught in Gujranwala by the Punjab police for installing spy-cameras in ladies try-rooms. The men filmed women by putting up hidden cameras in the try rooms of garment store of Nayab Shopping center.

The person behind this act was Sheikh Omar, who is the shop’s owner and his father Sheikh Aslam. According to the police, he was blackmailing a woman with the video he had made by the spy camera installed in his shop’s try-room.

Omar threatened the woman about leaking the videos and asked for money. He has already received Rs120,000 from her and was demanding more upon which the woman spoke-up his blackmailing to her family. The police were then informed by the family of victim.

Satellite town’s Police raided his shop and now have the cameras and records in their custody. The case has been filed against the shop’s owner and his father. The police confirmed that this wasn’t the first time Omar was involved in such an act. He had been recording compromised videos of women and then blackmailing them before as well.

Incidents of hidden cameras in women ‘try rooms’ are becoming more and more common. A list of such cases has been reported from Faislabad and Sukkur’s beauty salon. Sobia’s Salon was involved in a number of illegal activities as well, which included bottles of alcohol and a camera in the restroom.


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