Eugenia Cooney faces criticism for showing her underwear multiple times in a shoe haul video

Eugenia Cooney responds to criticism for showing her underwear multiple times in a shoe haul video. Eugenia says that she didn’t reveal anything, it was just clothing, and that there are children on Instagram as well where you can see women in bikinis.

You can watch the full video Here.


Born on July 27, 1994, Eugenia Sullivan Cooney is an American YouTube personality and Twitch broadcaster based in California. She began her YouTube channel on June 17, 2011 and has over two million subscribers. Cooney uploads vlogs, makeup tutorials, and similar content to her channel. She also makes posts regarding mental health.

While responding to the criticism on Twitter, Eugenia Cooney wrote:

“Thanks to you guys who are being nice and to people saying other things, I am NEVER trying to promote anything harmful or telling anyone to look a certain way. I just think everyone should be able to post pics regardless of what they look like and to basically exist.”


She added “Also guys, when I uploaded the shoe video I know it’s hard for people to believe, but no, I honestly at the time did not notice my underwear showing. I’m not really viewing it as that big of a deal because nothing beyond what would be shown in a bathing suit was exposed.”

“I’m sorry to people that are upset about it though and if anything I’ve said seemed rude I’m sorry, I’ve just been being called some pretty awful things and also with some of these videos coming with these crazy conspiracies in some videos it’s just insane,” Eugenia said on Twitter.

On May 7, 2021, Eugenia Sullivan shared a video of her shoe collection on her YouTube channel where it received over 262,000 views so far and sparked a wave of criticism over Eugenia Sullivan showing her underwear while sitting and talking about her shoes.


Watch her Shoe Haul video, below.

Video: Eugenia Sullivan shows her shoe collection

Eugenia has 2.18 million subscribers on YouTube.



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