Gina Krasley Death – Gina Krasley 600 lb cause of death – Explained

    This week, the news came out about Gina Krasley death. She was on the show My 600-Lb Life and died at 30. The reality show star had been in an episode of the 2020 show. In that show, Gina and her wife Beth struggled with Gina’s health problems while living with her mom. As it turns out, Gina Krasley had sued the TLC show because of what happened to her on the show. She said the show worsened her mental health problems as she tried to lose weight.

    Gina Krasley was one of ten former My 600-Lb Life stars or family members who were part of a lawsuit against the show’s production company. The lawsuit was put together after another reality star on the TLC show, LB Bonner, killed himself. Bonner’s family said the show’s “gross negligence” led to Bonner’s death.

    Gina Krasley Death - Gina Krasley 600 lb cause of death - Explained

    After LB Bonner sued the company that made the show, Megalomedia, nine other people from the show also joined the case. This included Gina Krasley and other success stories from the show, like David Bolton, who came back in Season 6. Starcasm says that Jeanne Covey, Dottie Perkins, and Destinee Lashaee are also named in the lawsuit.

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    Who is 600 LB Life Girl Gina Krasley?

    Gina took her last breath at her home in Tuckerton, New Jersey, on August 1, 2021. But the main reason she died too soon hasn’t been discovered yet. Doctors are looking into Gina’s death, and soon we will know why she died. When she showed up in the eighth season of My 600-Lb Life, she had already died after a month. People diagnosed with obesity share their life stories and talk about their struggles in front of the world. Gina also went on the show hoping that Dr. Younan Nowzaradan could help her.

    Who is 600 LB Life Girl Gina Krasley?

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    Cause of Death of Gina Krasley

    Gina Krasley death – Krasley appeared on the show in Season 8 to share her story and get the ball rolling on her weight loss goal. She revealed that her mental health was poor, and that she was afraid to be alone. Gina said she had spent her childhood “pushed under the rug.” She had already lost a significant amount of weight by the time her episode ended, and she lost another 300 pounds before her untimely death, which she documented on YouTube. “She died at home with her loving family around her,” the obituary reads.

    What exactly led to her untimely demise remains a mystery at this point. On the other hand, there are clues. Upon experiencing a steep decline in health, Krasley documented those final days and hours on her YouTube account to benefit her admirers, friends, and distant relatives. The videos provide some insight into her final days.

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    Gina Talks before her death

    Gina Krasley talks proudly about her weight loss journey in dozens of videos on the Gina’s Life YouTube channel, which was set up about five months ago. However, things started to get worse a little over three months ago. In a short video called “Hospital Bound,” she tells people she had trouble eating and drinking. Which led to an infection that sent her to the hospital. The Mayo Clinic says that this infection turned out to be cellulitis, a bacterial infection that attacks skin and fat cells.

    Cause of Death of Gina Krasley

    Gina Krasley death – In a few of the videos she posted in her last few months, the “My 600-lb Life” star talked about nerve pain and tried to make an appointment with a neurologist to test her for peripheral neuropathy. The condition, caused by damage to nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord, is usually felt first in the hands and feet, as Krasley’s videos make clear.

    Three weeks before she died, Krasley stopped putting videos on YouTube. In one of her last updates, she said that on July 29, she was going to see a neurologist. At the time this was written, that was about a week ago. Her cause of death is still unknown, but her family, friends, and fans will miss and love her.

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