Video of Bellendstoten2 with a chair goes viral on Twitter and people are reacting to his video which shows chair hitting upto his ribs and stomach

A man with Twitter account “bellendstoten2” is going viral on Twitter after a video of his sticking up a chair upto his stomach emerged on Twitter. Twitter users are surprised to see how the chair hits his stomach and ribs.


There are also unconfirmed reports that chair guy (bellendstoten2) has died few days after sharing Chair video on Twitter. See what is reality of Bellendstoten2.

People often do strange and insane things. Especially in this time of Technology, most of insane things are being captured on camera and being shared on social media. Similarly, a video of a man, with a chair to his stomach and Ribs, going viral on Twitter and people were left into frenzy after watching the Chair video.


Who is Bellendstoten2 in the Viral Chair Video

Bellendstoten2 is an unidentified man running the Twitter account with name “bellend2 offensive.” Although his Twitter account was disabled due to Twitter Policy violations, he was regularly posting the videos of his insane actions. Chair video is one of those insane videos which became viral all over Twitter. The real name of bellendstoten2 was not found but earlier last week, there were unconfirmed reports that bellendstoten2 has died right after viral chair video.

However, a few days after the Chair video, the Twitter account of Bellendstoten2 reappeared and he started posting similar insane videos. His number of followers have also jumped from 51K to 77K.

He also clarified that the guy with the chair in his stomach is not him. He just posts video of different people and he never posted his own video.


“How do people think it’s me in the video when I’ve posted loads of videos all different people but yet they think it’s me smh I’m not in any of the videos, Bellendstoten2 said in a tweet.

Bellendstoten2 Chair video – Guy getting Railed by a Chair

On March 10, 2021, a Video emerged on Twitter which shows a guy getting railed by a chair. The video was shared by an old man, Twitter username: Bellendstoten2, and he claimed that it is his own video.

The video further shows the chair hitting his stomach and ribs. That is why the video became popular on Twitter and TikTok with titles such as “Chair Video, Guy railed by chair video, Guy with chair stomach video and bellendstoten2 chair video stomach.”


It took just few hours to make the video viral on Twitter. Although, the Twitter account of bellendstoten2 has been disabled but the Chair video is still up on Twitter shared by many other users who have downloaded it and reposted.

You Can watch the Chair video of Bellendstoten2 here.

Twitter Reacts to the Video of Guy getting Railed by chair

Twitter users were left in surprise after what they saw in the chair video of bellendstoten2. Many of people didn’t believe how a guy can get railed himself by a chair and the fact that chair is hitting to his stomach.


Meanwhile, Twitter has been flooded with memes over Man’s chair video.


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