Social media is bashing on PML-N’s member of Punjab Assembly (MPA) Hina Butt after she posted a video with caption ‘Who all is Gyming During Quarantine’ and then deleted this video.

Hina Parvez Butt, member of Punjab Assembly from PML-N
Image: Twitter

Lahore: PML-N’s MPA Hina Butt getting trolled on social media after she deleted a video soon after posting it on her Twitter account.

According to details, at the morning of April 15, Hina Butt posted a video with the caption ‘Who all is Gyming During Quarantine’ showing herself doing exercise in an empty swimming pool. 15 seconds long video became viral and she received over 1500 views within few minutes.

Hina Butt deleted video who all is gyming during quarantine
Image: Screenshot from Twitter

Social media users commented on her video and advised her to delete it.

Hina Parvez Butt Gyming video became controversial
Image: Screenshot from Twitter

The reason why people asked her to delete the video was an empty bottle in the background.

Severel people claimed that it was a bottle of liquor (Alcoholic Drink) and she forgot to remove it before capturing her video.

Hina Butt shared the video with bottle of drink
Image: Screenshot

After realising the mistake or because of people’s comment, Hina Butt deleted the video 29 minutes after posting it. But some people has already took the screenshots from the controversial leaked video of Hina Butt and started trolling her. See the Tweets, below.

Screenshots from Hina Butt’s leaked video became viral on social media and an argument sparked among the people.


Few people tried to defend Hina Butt by saying it was a bottle of mineral water. However others argued why she deleted the video so quickly if it was not liquor.

Comments on Hina Butt leaked video
Screenshot from Twitter.
Hina Parvez Butt leaked video became viral on social media
Image: Screenshot from Twitter

Since trolling and comments continues, Hina Butt has not given any clarification regarding her controversial video yet.

Hina Butt was massively criticised earlier this year because of her objectionable actions during a media talk show. Watch the controversial video of Hina Butt, below.

Hina Butt controversial Viral Video.



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