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    How to use a Firefly Jar to strike an opponent in Fortnite

    Firefly Jar – There are many different ways to deal damage in Fortnite. This includes using weapons and tools for gathering and taming animals and things from nature. Fire is a strong force in the game, one of the first elements people learned to control.

    How to use a Firefly Jar to strike an opponent in Fortnite

    Players who can hit an opponent with a Firefly Jar will get 20,000 XP from Epic Games. Even though some risks are involved, the job shouldn’t be too hard to finish.

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    A step-by-step guide on how to use a Firefly Jar to hit an opponent in Fortnite.

    1) Finding a jar for fireflies

    Loopers can find Firefly Jars in different kinds of chests, as floor loot, and in supply drops, but the best way to get them is to collect them. Players can do this by interacting with Firefly Swarms, which they can find all over the island.

    Even though they can’t be eaten in the wild, they can be collected like mushrooms and vegetables. When a character in a game interacts with a group of fireflies, they will put them in a jar. This is where the name “Firefly Jar” comes from.

    Since most of them are free to get, there’s no reason not to bring a few extras into battle. One inventory slot can hold up to six of them, so players can take enough practice shots before hitting the target.

    2) Finding an opponent

    After getting enough Firefly Jars, the next step is to find an opponent. If you are near hot-drop POIs, this shouldn’t be too hard to do. On the other hand, loopers will be hard to find in and around quiet areas.

    The goal is to sneak up on an opponent without them seeing or hearing you. This will let players get into a good position, preferably on high ground. Once you’re in place, it will be easier to throw the Firefly Jar, and if things go wrong, you’ll be able to leave quickly.

    3) Finding the right angle and how to throw it

    Once a player is in a good position, they must consider the Firefly Jar’s throwing range and arc. Since gravity works in Fortnite, players must think about many things before throwing an item to start a fire.

    Even if you are on higher ground, there is always a chance that you won’t hit the target. Also, the challenge says that players must hit an opponent with a Firefly Jar, but that doesn’t mean they have to hit them directly.

    Even if the opponent is close to where the Firefly Jar will explode, the challenge should be over. Since the item has AOE effects, throwing it straight at an opponent like a stone makes no sense.

    Still, people should be careful not to get caught in the fire since Firefly Jars can hurt friends and foes. It’s best to keep a safe distance when you throw the item.

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