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Kholu Kapde Video of Angry Indian Girl Abusing Army

Kholu Kapde viral video of Pune girl.

Kholu kapde video became viral on social media. In “Kholu kapde video” an Indian girl from Pune asking the soldiers and policemen ” Kholu Kapde ” which means “should I remove my dress?. Many people doesn’t know the facts about this girl’s desperate desire for “Kholu kapde”. The circumstances which drove this girl to challenge the soldiers to undress herself in front of them are typical in India. The girl was abusing Indian Army soldiers and policemen while yelling in the course ” Kholu Kapde ” “tum Army waly madarchod” “police waly madarchood”. Without translating these words I will move on to the details behind this incident.

According to the details, One day before this viral Kholu kapde video, this girl who belongs to Pune city of India and allegedly from Punjab got an accident with the vehicle of Indian army. The soldiers came down and started misbehaviour with the girl. Meanwhile citizens gathered and started making video of the girl which drove her angry. She started abusing Indian Army and policeman with the words like “army wale Madarchod” and “police wale madarchod”. Some citizens made that video of accident scene but it did not gone viral on social media. Here is the video of the accident and aftermath.

1st video of Pune girl abusing army and saying Kholu kapde.

Some witness claim that she was drunk and rammed 3 cars in the row including Indian army vehicle. But in the video above after the road accident she doesn’t seems drunk but in a perfect state.

Angry Indian girl abusing army

On the next day of the road incident, Police arrived at her home for investigation and place charges on her. But she turned over them once again. This was the day when she challenged the cops to undress herself in an angry way. Thousands of people on Social media talking about Kholu kapde video of this Indian girl and making funny memes.

She once again abused Indian Army and policemen present there. Here is the complete video of the girl captured by one of the policemen.

Angry Pune girl abusing army and police.

She was yelling on police officers ” you people are for our protection but you were making me dance on the street and making my video. What do you want to see ? Tell me should I undress myself so you can see what you desire“. It seems she was more angry because they made her video and posted on the social media. Seeing her anger, Police left without doing any legal action against her.

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