Dogs Share the milk Spilt on the Road in Agra, India
Image: Screenshot from the viral video of man sharing milk Spilt on the raod, with dogs

Coronavirus global pandemic is keep the whole world in a lockdown as the governments have to do so in order to protect Coronavirus from spreading. But during these lockdowns, humanity is being tested by hunger.

Poor people which are sitting inside their homes without a work are suffering even more than the suffering of Coronavirus patients.

The heart-wrenching video emerged on social media which shows a man and dogs are sharing the milk Spilt on the Road during the lockdown. The man was forced to collect spilt milk from the road due to hunger. Watch the video, below.

Video: Man and Stray dogs share the milk Spilt on the Road in Agra, India, During Lockdown amid Coronavirus pandemic.

In the video, a man is seen collecting milk that was spilt on to the road even as the other side, a pack of dogs is seen drinking the spilt milk. According to NDTV (An Indian News Channel), the incident happened in Ram Bagh Chauraha in Agra.

The milk was reportedly spilt on to the road after a milk container overturned.

After the video of a man sharing the spilt milk with stary dogs, became viral, people called the event “a catastrophe for the entire mankind.”


A Twitter user ‘TheviralT’ shared the video and wrote un the caption “This Is Just A catastrophic moment for the entire humanity.”

Another person ‘Srivatsa’ wrote, his Tweet Reads: “Heart-breaking scenes of hunger from across India. This one from Agra where a poor man is trying to collect milk spilt on the street😢 Is it so difficult to feed the hungry when we can plan Namaste Trump so well & spend ₹3cr on flowers for his roadshow?”


Amid the fear of Coronavirus, India has extended the lockdown until May 3, 2020.




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