Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario leaked video scandal
Leaked video shows Alejandro Giving Mattia head

Earlier this week, an alleged video clip with the Title “Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario Leaked Video” went viral on Social media and Social media users are trolling both TikTok stars (Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario) with funny memes. Some social media users shared Mattia Polibio leaked video on Twitter. Watch the tweet, below.

Alejandro Giving Mattia head video scandal

Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario’s leaked video shows Alejandro giving Mattia Polibio head. The later part of the video further reveals Mattia is giving head to Alejandro also. Which means they both were sucking each other in a homophobic way.

Initial reports say the short video clip (Alejandro Mattia head video) was captured by their intent in some low lightroom. However, the authenticity of the video was yet not confirmed. Some sources say “by this video clip, Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario exposed as homophobic.”

With a similar age and similar popularity on TikTok, Mattia and Alejandro are known as best friends to each other. They often make combine videos and duets for their TikTok accounts.

Trolling Started After Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario Leaked Video Went Viral

Soon after the alleged leaked video of Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario went viral on social media, trollers jumped in and started targeting both TikTok stars with funny memes and trolling.

A Twitter user and a fan of Mattia Polibio wrote on Twitter: tweet reads “Mattia getting head by Ale- ya that my time goodbye-#LeakedVideo #alejandroleaked #mattialeaked.”

Mattia Polibio leaked video scandal meme shared on Twitter

An other Twitter user ‘TikTok Drama’ wrote in a tweet, tweet reads “So today’s tea is Alejandro and mattia supposedly is sucking each other’s yk eggplant….What’s y’all opinion lmk , here’s the video some say it was fake what y’all think. Also people are stated to cancel Alejandro for being a homophobic and now doing this.”

See more trolls on Mattia Polibio and Alejandro Rosario leaked video, in the tweets, below.

Gisela Morales says: “just saw the leaked video that is supposedly mattia and alejandro chileeee BVSVSVSVSBWJWJSJWJH 😹😾😾😾😾#mattialeaked #alejandroleaked.”

Mattia Polibio Wiki

Mattia Polibio (TikTok Star) born in New Jersey on May 16, 2003 (Age 17). He is a Lip-sync, comedy and duet video creator also known for posting vlogs on his self-titled TikTok account. He has 5.3 million followers and 425 million likes on his TikTok account which rank him at 90 among most popular people on TikTok. Most of His videos regularly receive over 1 million views apiece.

Mattia Polibio TikTok profile
Image: Screenshot of TikTok profile

Before Fame

The oldest videos on his account were from November of 2018. He primarily made duets to start his TikTok journey.


His first TikTok video to reach 100,000 likes was captioned as “we’re 100% straight don’t get it twisted.” It was of him and a friend sharing a lollipop. 

Family Life

He is from Totowa, New Jersey. His father is Italian and his mother is Mexican. He has a younger brother named Gianluca. He is fluent in Italian and also speaks Spanish. 

Associated With

He made a reaction video in which he watched Stranger Things’ stars Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp draw a sharpie mustache on Noah’s face. Source

Alejandro Rosario Wiki

Alejandro Rosario (TikTok Star) born in New Jersey on January 14, 2003. Most popular on TikTok, he has 5.1 million followers and 328 million likes. His alejandrozario account includes comedy skits, vlogs, transition videos and more.

Alejandro Rosario TikTok profile

Before Fame

His very first TikTok video was of him wrestling with his dog.


He reached both the 250,000 fan mark and the 5 million hearts mark on TikTok in August of 2019. He has earned over 1.5 million followers on Instagram by posting different fashion looks as well as selfies and pictures alongside friends. 

Family Life

He’s of Costa Rican and Dominican descent. He is from West Paterson, New Jersey. His mother’s name is Adriana Villalta and he has a younger brother named Emiliano. He was in a relationship with Katie Pego until the two split in 2020.

Associated With

He is a friend and collaborator of fellow TikTok creator Mattia Polibio. Source.


Mattia Polibio leaked video and Alejandro Rosario leaked video scandal is not the first one of its type. Several TikTok stars are leaking their private videos and pictures in order to gain popularity. Some TikTok stars became victims of fake video scandals too.

However, these two TikTok stars are already so much popular. Mattia and Alejandro didn’t respond to their leaked video scandal yet.

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