Workers of Nelmar Drywall Partying Videos at Mattamy Homes Go Viral – Mattamy Party Videos Debunked

  • GTA Nelmar Drywall’s workers caught partying with a stripper at the worksite and several videos of them go viral
  • Viral videos show half a dozen of Drywall’s workers were partying at Mattamy Homes construction site
  • Nelmar Drywall has fired all the persons caught in Mattamy Homes videos

Several videos of maskless party of Nelmar Drywall’s construction workers with a stripper at Mattamy Homes go viral and spark outrage. All of the workers, seen in the viral videos, dancing at Mattamy homes’ construction site, lost their jobs from Nelmar Drywall.

Several videos surfaced on social media show half dozen of construction workers of Nelmar Drywall company partying with a stripper at a construction site of Mattamy Homes. The videos further show that all the persons seen in the video are maskless, dancing and drinking vodka.


One video appears to show a construction worker drinking out of a magnum of Grey Goose.

One of the workers is wearing a shirt that says, “Nelmar Drywall Company Ltd.” None of the workers nor the woman are wearing masks. Watch the video, below.


Mattamy Homes is a Canadian home builder, founded in Toronto by Peter Gilgan in 1978. One of the largest privately owned builders in North America, Mattamy Homes is Canada’s largest residential home builder and top-25 builder in the United States.

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Construction workers fired after video surfaces showing party at Construction Site

According to the Global News Canada, a number of employees from a GTA Drywall company have been fired after video has emerged which appears to show construction workers at a Mattamy Homes construction site partying, while drinking vodka.


The six videos shared on Twitter, appear to show a woman dancing inside a building under construction with about half a dozen men dancing and touching the woman. One video appears to show a construction worker drinking out of a magnum of Grey Goose. Meanwhile in another video, a worker can be seen grabbing the woman from rear.

One video (of Mattamy Homes’ party) shows another worker pouring the vodka over the woman.


One of the workers is wearing a shirt that says, “Nelmar Drywall Company Ltd.” None of the workers nor the woman are wearing masks and faces of each of them are clearly visible in the videos.

Photo from one of the video of Mattamy Homes construction site party
Photo from the incident in Milton. Twitter. DaveD/Twitter

A statement from Mattamy Homes sent to Global News (a news outlet in Canada) said that the company, “was made aware of an extremely inappropriate and entirely unacceptable incident that took place on Friday, April 9 at a home under construction on one of our job sites, involving an employee and subcontractors of one of our trade partners, Nelmar Drywall.”

Mattamy Homes said the high standards expected by their trade partners were not met, and the individuals in question behaved in a grossly inappropriate and reckless fashion. The statement said that “Nelmar has terminated their relationship with everyone involved.”




In a statement published on their official website, Nelmar Drywall said:

“Nelmar Drywall Co. Ltd. (“Nelmar”) wholeheartedly denounces the conduct displayed in the videos and images taken at a worksite. We were completely unaware of the incident prior to the circulation of the video and imagery on social media. The conduct displayed is in violation of our company’s code of conduct and policies related to health and safety, COVID-19 protocols, workplace anti-discrimination and anti-harassment, as well as our general corporate philosophy and core values.

Upon learning of the incident, we immediately investigated and have since terminated the employment of all individuals involved in the incident. While the incident occurred at a developer worksite, neither the developer nor its employees were aware of, involved in, or responsible for the incident in any manner whatsoever.

This behaviour by a few individuals does not represent who we are as a company and such behaviour will not be tolerated. We remain committed to taking any further measures necessary to ensure such conduct does not happen at our job sites or workplaces in the future.

Lastly, we take this incident very seriously. For this reason, we are taking steps to communicate and provide extra training to all members of our team to ensure that this type or any similar behaviour never happens again. We shall remain vigilant in monitoring our job sites and workplaces to ensure that they are free of any inappropriate behaviour; and, further, that they are in compliance with all health, safety, labour, and anti-harassment policies. Any such behaviour will simply not be tolerated.

A statement by Nelmar Drywall

Mattamy also denied having any prior knowledge of the event and said none of its employees were present, but said, “We nonetheless regret that this incident took place at one of our sites. We will be reinforcing with all our trade partners our zero-tolerance policies and clear expectations regarding workplace code of conduct as well as our strict COVID-19 protocols.”

Mattamy Homes confirmed to local media that the incident took place at a job site in Milton.


Emilio Bisceglia, a lawyer for Nelmar Drywall told media in a letter sent Thursday night that “it was recently brought to the attention of Nelmar that a video and various images are being circulated depicting certain inappropriate and completely unacceptable conduct that took place last week at a job site.”

Bisceglia wrote that Nelmar wholeheartedly denounces the conduct displayed on the subject video/images and that prior to their circulation, Nelmar was completely unaware of the incident. After the incident was brought to the company’s attention, Nelmar said it took immediate steps to investigate the matter to determine the identity of all those individuals involved and has terminated the employment of all persons involved in the incident depicted in the subject video/images.


There were reports that Mattamy ended its contract with Nelmar, however, the company confirmed the contract was not terminated but all of the individuals involved were terminated.

According to a source, Ministry of Labour is now investigating what happened at Mattamy Homes.


“ The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development is aware of these disturbing images. That type of behavior is completely unacceptable and should never happen in the workplace. Our Ministry is currently looking into this matter,” a statement from spokesperson Ryan Whealy.

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