Indian army soldiers interrogate Kashmiri youth
Indian army soldiers stranded young Kashmiri men for interrogation

Kashmir, one of the most militarized areas of the world continues suffering by atrocities of the Indian army. Hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians have been killed during the last few decades but the world is silent.


Recently, a video emerged on social media which shows how the Indian army has complete freedom of killing innocent Kashmiri people. A dozen Indian army soldiers holding a group of Kashmiri youth for interrogation on a street in Jammu.

The soldiers are holding young boys accused of stone-pelting over military vehicles (as this is the most Kashmiri can do in resistance against oppressive occupation).

The boys are being beaten by soldiers while a soldier openly threatens a boy “If I shoot you, Nobody will question me.”

Even more grieving fact is that in spite of hundreds of evidence of human rights violations by the Indian army, the wold world organisations including the United Nations is silent.



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