Planting Seeds of hope in Pakistan, Says World Economic forum

Green Stimulus package by prime minister Imran Khan an innovative to plant 10 billion trees
Workers planting under Green Stimulus package. They will be paid daily for planting trees. Image: Twitter

Pakistan: 63,600 new jobs created to help plant 10 Billion Tree Tsunami, To help people who lost their jobs from COVID-19 lock down.

Imran Khan’s ‘Green Stimulus’ package is one of the most innovative policy interventions in the world, fighting climate change and unemployment by COVID lockdown.


Recently, the World Economic Forum endorsed “Green Stimulus” package by a beautiful presentation video and a comprehensive Article on its official website.

During the lockdowns due to Coronavirus epidemic, Millions of people have lost their jobs worldwide. Pakistan locked down starting March 23 to try to stop the spread of COVID-19, leaving millions of labourers unable to work.

In these difficult times when governments are helpless, Pakistan’s government are offering labourers, who are out of work due to the coronavirus lockdown, a chance to earn money by planting trees.


Green Stimulus project is part of Pakistan’s existing initiative to plant billions of trees to counter the effects of climate change. Pakistan is badly affected by climate change, experiencing more than 150 extreme weather events between 1999 and 2018.

This is why prime minister Imran Khan called this project “Killing two birds with one stone: giving people employment as well as planting trees.”