Screenshot of Plumstead high school viral video

Plumstead high school viral video (South Africa) is currently sparking outrage on social and people are curious to know more about South Africa’s Plumstead high viral video. We will explore Plumstead high school’s viral video and tell you everything about the incident that happened in the Cape town School involving two students.

Plumstead high school video from the 1990s

According to details, earlier this week, an inappropriate video of two students, from Plumstead high school, emerged on TikTok and gone viral. Young people were making memes and many were hunting for the full video of Plumstead high school students. Meanwhile, parents of the students are showing worries over the incident.

See some of the tweets regarding Plumstead high viral video, below. The tweets of the young people show how eager they are to find the full video of Plumstead high school students.


Plumstead High school viral video and details

Entrance to Plumstead high school
Plumstead high school file photo

Plumstead High School was thrust into the spotlight when a video of a teen girl and boy went viral showing the students in an inappropriate situation while their friends filmed their action.


In the viral video clip of Plumstead high school pupils, which is 16 seconds long, the girl is seen sitting on the ground (playing field) , while the boy’s hand in the wrong places of her.

According to confirmed reports, there is another longer video of these students which many other students have in their mobile phones and they are selling the longer version of Plumstead high school viral video to their fellow students.

Watch: Plumstead high school viral video here

How Plumstead high viral video came into light

A parent, who asked not to be named, says he got a shock when his son came home on Thursday showing him the video.


“My son came home and showed me the video,” the dad says.

He explained it was being circulated on WhatsApp and TikTok among the pupils.

The angry father says he questioned his son and was told a second video was made and is being sold.

“There is another video and my son says they give you the first one then want you to pay for the second one.


“He didn’t ask how much because he did not buy it.

“I want to know where the teachers and monitors are because this was not even done skelmpies, it was done in the open for everyone to see.”

The video has seen TikTok users mocking the students ( Filmed in the viral video).

One user wrote: “Couldn’t they have used the school bathrooms, Joh of all places”.


Another user said: “That mfs [m0therf***ers] is more disappointing than my Afrikaans mark.”

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) spokesperson Unathi Booi confirms that they are aware of the video and says the matter is being investigated.

“The incident took place on the school grounds,” she says.

“Due to the learner’s identities being circulated widely, we will not be disclosing any personal information regarding the learners.


“The school is currently investigating the matter and a disciplinary process is being followed.”

Booi says counselling has been offered to the pupils, but warned against people sharing the video as it amounts to the spreading of child pornography.

“We are calling on all learners to stop the spread of harmful and inappropriate videos by not sharing them on their platforms.

“There can be serious psychological implications for the learners that are being filmed and it could also have consequences for the learners sharing inappropriate content.”

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