Sienna Mae Exposed in a Leaked video groping Jack Wright while he was blackout

  • Sienna Mae leaked video groping Jack Wright, without his consent, goesviral on social media and sparks outrage
  • Sienna Mae is a TikTok star and Jack Wright, a fellow TikTok star, is her ex-boyfriend
  • Sienna Mae was accused of s*xually assaulting and mocking Jack Wright earlier this week
  • Mae has denied the allegations but recent leaked video of Sienna Mae appeared as a strong evidence against her
Sienna Mae leaked video shows her taking advantage of asleep Jack Wright

Sienna Mae leaked video, groping and taking advantage of Blacked out Jack Wright, goes viral on social media and sparks another wave of backlash against TikTok star Sienna Mae who is already facing criticism over s*xual assault allegations made by Jack Wright’s friend Mason.


Content Warning: This article contains depictions of sexual assault and may not be suitable for some readers.

According to details, Sienna Mae leaked video shows Sienna Taking advantage of Jack Wright while he is sleeping on a chair. Purported Video further shows Sienna Mae kissing Jack Wright and groping him. Watch Seinna Mae and Jack Wright leaked video, below.

Video: Sienna Mae leaked video full

You can watch the full video of Sienna Mae taking advantage of Jack Wright here or keep reading, below for the video and full details.

Background of Sienna Mae and Jack Wright’s relationship

Jack Wright is a Dancer and entertainer on TikTok who became a phenomenon with more than 8.5 million followers. He gained further popularity as a member of the social group The Hype House.

Meanwhile, Sienna Mae is a relatively popular content creator on TikTok, boasting over 14.5 million followers on the viral video app due to her posts about body positivity as well as her critiques of the platform’s culture of ruthless comments. Sienna Mae has a second TikTok account also where she gained 7.4 million followers.

Sienna was in a relationship with Jack Wright, a member of Hype House, and they often posted dance videos of themselves together. Even as a couple, they had a huge fan. Lately, rumors have been circulating that the couple has split. In April, Netflix announced Sienna, James, Jack, and other members of the TikTok content group Hype House will star in one of their upcoming reality TV shows. The streaming platform said the show intends to “reveal a side of themselves (and their relationships) that we don’t normally get to see otherwise.

Sienna Mae and Jack Wright as a couple had quite a fan following. The couple was very active on Tik Tok and other social media platforms. However, things don’t seem to be good between the two, and it appears like Jack has unfollowed Sienna on Instagram. Some of their fans have posted comments questioning their current relationship status, but there has been no answer or explanation.

Sienna Mae Accused of Sexually Assaulting Jack Wright

Earlier this week, Sienna Mae Came under a wave or hate after a friend of Jack Wright accused her of S*xually assaulting Jack Wright. The deleted tweet which contains allegations, made by Mason, was retweeted by Jack Wright too. See the Screenshot, below

Jack Wright's friend Mason makes allegations against Sienna Mae
Image via Twitter

In another tweet, Mason wrote: “The Wright family, Sienna’s family, and I have decided to delete all information about the situation and handle it off of social media.”

It was alleged that Sienna Mae asked Jack Wright to commit suicide and also that she has s*xually assaulted him many many times after he set certain boundaries. Attention was garnered to a case involving Sienna when Jack’s friend posted a message on Twitter.

In the message, he accused her of having told his friend to kill himself and also of sexually assaulting him several times. He has said that all that Sienna cares about is followers. Jack’s brother James has also retweeted the tweet. It so happens that Sienna also sparked rumors of herself expecting a child with Jack Wright, which she later explained as a joke.

A representative from Sienna’s side made a statement to the media that Sienna denies the charges made by Jack’s friend Mason Rizzo and James Wright. It was stated that she has never sexually assaulted anyone and that she never had a s*xual relationship with Jack.

Sienna Mae released a response denying the allegations and claiming that it wasn’t her who had assaulted him at a party. Watch the video, below.
Video: Sienna Mae addressing the allegations of Sexual assault against her

Jack Wright has also responded to Sienna’s statement by writing that he loves sharing his life with his fans but that some parts are deeply personal and that he has been hesitant to share them, keeping in his mind his emotional and mental well-being.

He finally added that s*xual assault was something very serious and that it has real consequences. He has said that Mason and James were only trying to protect him with the truth. He has said that he encourages his childhood friend Sienna to get the support and help that she needs. He did not intend to tear down anyone. See the Screenshot, below.

Jack Wright responds to Sienna Mae over Sexual assault allegations made against her

Sienna Mae Leaked Video with Jack Wright

On June 3, 2021, a leaked video of Sienna Mae emerged on social media which shows Jack Wright is being blackout (probably sleeping) on a sofa. The video further shows Sienna Mae groping Jack Wright and trying to kiss him and taking advantage of him without his consent.

The purported leaked video of Sienna Mae was first shared on TikTok by a TikTok user @taimua who later deleted the video from TikTok. However, the video was saved by many people and they shared it on Twitter.

You can watch Sienna Mae leaked video, in the tweet, embedded, below.

Content warning: The tweet below contains video footage that may be disturbing to some readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sienna Mae responds to her Leaked Video

After her leaked video sparked outrage, Sienna Mae came out with a 14 part explanation on how the previous leaked video was fabricated to make her look like she S*xually assaulting Jack Wright.

Sienna has responded to the footage, in another YouTube video as well (the same video she posted on her TikTok page in 14 parts), in which she told her side of the story in response. She continued to deny all allegations and claimed the video had been taken out of context and edited to fit the narrative that James Wright and childhood friend Mason had put out.
Video: Sienna responds to her leaked video

She also reiterated that she believed Jack Wright had been sexually assaulted, but not by her.

She also added that the situation after her leaked video has led to death threats being sent to her and that she herself had “wanted to die,” because of the online hatred that has been thrown her way as a result.

Update: TikTok star Jack Wright has accused Sienna Mae Gomez of sexual assault in the Latest YouTube video

  • Jack Wright accused Sienna Mae Gomez of multiple instances of sexual assault in a new YouTube video.
  • The TikTokers, both 18, featured in each other’s content, leading fans to believe they were dating.
  • In May 2021, a friend of Wright first accused Sienna Mae Gomez of sexually assaulting him, which she denied.

TikToker Jack Wright has posted a YouTube video accusing his former friend and collaborator Sienna Mae Gomez of sexual assault and the proof has been circulating on Twitter for months.

The 17-minute video titled “what sienna mae did to me” was posted on January 20 and has been viewed over 3 million times. It follows months of speculation regarding the pair, who are both 18, after Wright’s friend Mason Rizzo publicly accused Gomez of sexually assaulting Wright in TikTok and Twitter posts on May 30, 2021.

Sienna Mae Gomez denied the allegations in a YouTube video posted June 1, saying said they were “unequivocally false.” Two days later, a TikTok video was posted by a user named Lachlan Hannemann that appeared to show Gomez kissing and touching Wright. According to Hannemann, Wright was “unconscious” at the time.

Gomez posted a second video on June 4 denying the accusation and saying the footage was manipulated.

Neither Gomez nor Wright responded to Newpakweb‘s renewed request for comment following Wright’s January 2021 video.

Until now, Jack Wright has never explicitly addressed the claims, but in the new video, he says Hannemann’s account is correct. Wright goes on to allege other instances of inappropriate behavior by Sienna Gomez. He also says the pair never dated and were only friends, despite viewers speculating they were a couple because of appearances in each other’s TikTok posts.

Video: Jack Wright Accuses Sienna Mae Gomez of sexual assault

In the video, Jack Wright said he and Gomez met four years ago in high school, but they reconnected when they both grew a following on TikTok. He described four different interactions during the video in which he said Gomez touched him without his consent. 

The first was when Wright said Gomez got “completely naked” and straddled him while he was “just chilling on the bed.” Wright described the situation as “weird and random” and said he repeatedly asked her to stop and eventually physically removed her and left the room. Wright said “these types of things kept happening” but Sienna Mae Gomez would subsequently apologize and he accepted.

The second incident he described is the one Hannemann discusses in his TikTok video, which Wright said occurred during a trip to Hawaii. Wright said he was “passed out unconscious” and Gomez “got on top of me, took advantage of me, groped me” before his friends pulled her off him. 

The third incident occurred shortly after, Wright said, while he and Gomez were at a party. Wright said Gomez got angry because he was taking photos with other women, and asked him to come to her room. He said she “pulled me in, and grabbed me and tried to make out with me” and he told her to leave.

Wright also said that Gomez would frequently visit his home — where she knew the door codes — and let herself in, and that on multiple occasions he saw her car outside in the middle of the night. “She would break into my house and when I was sound asleep she would come into my room and I’d wake up to her hand in my pants,” he said.

“One night she started ripping off my clothes, touching my crotch area, trying to make out with me,” Wright said, adding that he asked her to stop repeatedly and ended up sleeping on the floor.

On another occasion, Wright said, Gomez became angry during a party and asked to speak to him in the bathroom, where she sat on the counter and wrapped her legs around him. Later that night, Wright said Gomez picked the lock on his door and walked in the bathroom while he was showering. 

Wright said that after the initial tweet accusing Gomez of sexually assaulting him, other men reached out to him saying Gomez “did similar things to them.” Wright showed three purported screenshots of messages accusing Gomez of inappropriate behavior.

“Looking back now I don’t know why I stayed friends with her, stayed around her. I truly thought she was going to change.”

He said that he felt the behavior became “normal” but that he was “terrified.”

Wright said Gomez’s video denying the accusations “invalidated my feelings” and “gaslighted” him by suggesting that he wasn’t sexually assaulted because he continued to spend time and film TikToks with her and didn’t report it.

Jack Wright also included a clip from a TikTok video posted by user @brendonqueue who goes by “Feminist Dirtbag” in June 2021 after Gomez’s YouTube response. 

Wright said the video “explained everything perfectly,” and inserted a TikTok video clip in which @brendonqueue says, “It’s a trauma you have to process, and sometimes you have to process it alone because our entire society is against you as a man.”

@brendonqueue i cried at 6:30 this morning realizing everything. Good luck jack. #fyp #siennamae #jackwright ♬ original sound – Feminist Dirtbag

Sienna Mae Gomez and Jack Wright both rose to fame on TikTok, where Gomez became known for her body-positivity content and Wright posted comedic videos and challenges. The pair never publicly confirmed a relationship but began posting videos that showed them kissing, hugging, cuddling, and dancing with each other on their respective social media platforms in October 2020. 

Jack Wright’s TikTok account has 9 million followers, while Sienna Gomez has 14.8 million.

Jack Wright was recently featured in Netflix’s reality show “Hype House,” which followed the members of the TikTok content collective of the same name. Both Wright and Gomez were members of the Hype House, but despite featuring in Netflix’s promotional tweet in April 2021, Sienna Gomez was barely featured in the final show which aired in January 2022.

This article was first published on June 4, 2021, when Sienna Mae’s video, allegedly assaulting asleep Jack Wright, emerged online. The article has been updated with fresh information on January 21, 2022.

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