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    Trey Lance video – Trey lance strippers video is getting viral on social media platforms

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    Are you getting crazy to know about the Trey lance video? Trey Lance video is getting viral on social media platforms. Trey lance is an American football player, but now he is getting popular because he dances with strips video getting viral.

    People are so judgemental nowadays. Everyone goes to the club and enjoys but they are now making fun of Trey lance because he was enjoying his personal life and raining money on the strippers.

    Trey Lance’s video is trending on Twitter. It’s not finished here. The 49ers released a statement against the Trey Lance stripper video.


    Try lance stripper video is not include any $exually activity, but he was enjoying the party and raining rain on the strippers.

    People around him made a video, and because of the digital era, it started circulating on social media platforms. Everyone over twitter starts making fun of American footballer Trey lance’s stripper’s video.

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    Who is Trey Lance?

    Trey Lance is a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. He was born on May 9, 2000. (NFL). He played college football at North Dakota State, where he won the Walter Payton and Jerry Rice Awards as a freshman on the way to winning the 2020 NCAA Division I Football Championship Game.

    Lance was picked third overall by the 49ers in the 2021 NFL Draft. He spent most of his first year as a backup, but in his second year, he became the starter.

    Trey Lance video - Trey lance strippers video is getting viral on social media platforms

    On May 9, 2000, Lance entered the world in Marshall, Minnesota. His primary coach was his father, Carlton, a former CFL and NFL cornerback for the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the NFL’s London Monarchs.

    When Lance was in middle school, he was allowed to start as a quarterback. Before that, he played running back. A few years later, he enrolled at Marshall High School, where he was hailed as the future star quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. After attending a recruiting event at the University of Minnesota in February 2017, Lance decided that that was where he wanted to play and signed with them.

    They, along with the other Power Five colleges, saw him as an excellent wide receiver or defensive back. Lance maintained playing quarterback at colleges in the Group of Five and Football Championship Subdivision. In the end, in December of 2017, he decided on North Dakota State.

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    Trey Lance Stripper Video

    Today, Trey lance has become a part of the headlines because he was enjoying his personal life. Netizens are curious to see the Trey Lance Stripper video and getting mad to see him raining money on strippers.

    Trey Lance was in a club and dancing with strippers, but his fault is that he is a famous personality. Now trey lance’s video is getting viral on social media platforms and has become a hot topic of discussion today.

    Trey lance was present in the club. He was standing, and two strippers in front of him were twerking, and he was enjoying their twerking booties and started raining money. This video is becoming viral.

    You can watch the trey lance video here.

    People on Twitter started making fun of trey lancer. Let’s explore some tweets.

    One user tweeted:

    the olds when they see the video of trey lance throwing 20s for a good cause on twerk taco tuesday

    Another user tweeted:

    More Tweets on Trey Lance stripper video.


    Trey lance strippers’ video catches the eyes of the netizens. There is nothing special, but what do you think was a wrong act, or was he enjoying it? If you want to be updated by more videos and news like this, visit our site.

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