Trey Songz had the police officer in a headlock taking about, Oh na na, look what you done started
Oh na na, why you gotta act so naughty?
Trey songz cop incident

Monday, January 25, 2021, singer Trey Songz was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest, and for assaulting an officer at AFC title game.

Video: Trey Songz in altercation with a police officer at AFC title game

The video viral on social media shows that Trey punches an officer in the head and put him into a headlock. Fans say the officer was out of line for approaching him.

Trey Songz was in the middle of a physical altercation with a police officer during the Kansas City Chiefs’ game, and fans who witnessed it say the cop was way out of line.

Screenshot of Trey Songz video Putting headlock on a police officer

We’ve obtained this video from Arrowhead Stadium Sunday, which — at first — shows Trey and the officer in a struggle. Trey connects a punch with the officer’s head, and gets him in a headlock, but then the officer pins Trey to a seat.

Video of Trey Songz and the Cop

A witness told us the whole thing started when Trey Songz was being heckled by some fans a few rows behind him and he asked them to chill out. We’re told the officer approached Trey, and without warning, went after him. The witness says Trey was totally caught off guard when the officer got physical, and started to defend himself.

You can hear fans throughout the video shout at the officer, telling him to get off Songz until additional officers arrived. Fans were yelling for the officer to be arrested.

Once backup got there, they were able to separate Trey and the cop … and they put Trey in handcuffs.

We’re told Trey is currently in custody, but it’s unclear if he’s being booked for anything … or simply detained.


We’ve reached out to his reps … so far, no response yet.

1/25 9:55 AM PT — Trey was just released from custody. Sources connected to Trey with direct knowledge told, he believes the cop in question had it in for him long before the altercation, and when the officer came over to him he was immediately aggressive.

Another source says the cop’s beef before the incident was that Trey and his crew were not wearing masks and refused to put them on.



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