Photo of Vikings Defensive end Everson Griffen

Watch Everson Griffen Instagram video which is currently going viral on social and fans of Vikings defensive end, Everson Griffen are worried about him. Everson Griffin posted a video of him, waving gun, on his Instagram story, sparking worries about his mental health.

According to details, on November 24, 2021, a video on Griffen’s Instagram account, which was deleted, showed the defensive end, Everson Griffen in his house holding a gun, saying ‘people were trying to kill him‘ and that he had purchased the gun and bullets legally.

Screenshot of Everson Griffen Instagram video

Everson Griffen underwent mental health treatment before returning to the Vikings for four weeks. He then revealed that he lived in a sober house for the final three months of the 2018 season.

He played in 17 of the team’s 18 regular-season and playoff games in 2019.

We are not going to put the video here due to its sensitive nature, but if you want to view it, here is a link to a YouTube video, showing Everson Griffen holding a gun in a dark room while referring to some people out to “get” him. He also dropped Vikings running back and teammate Dalvin Cook’s name during the 30-second-long video.

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Furthermore, you can watch Everson Griffen Instagram video on Twitter by going on this link. The video was screen-recorded from Griffen’s Instagram and shared on Twitter by several users.

Everson Griffen’s disturbing messages on Instagram

Beside his video, Griffen posted screenshots on Instagram account of text messages to his agent Brian Murphy, asking for help, telling Murphy to call 911 and saying, “People are trying to kill me.”

Screenshots of Everson Griffen text messages he shared on Instagram
Screenshot of Griffen's text messages to his agent Brian in which Griffen was asking for help and telling him that people want to kill him

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Minnetrista police reported that Griffen fired a gun, but no one was injured.

A statement from Minnetrista police said Everson Griffen told a 911 dispatcher he fired a weapon, but no one was injured. Griffen has refused to come out of his home, though police say they are confident he is alone.

“Shortly after 3 am, Griffen called 911 from the residence and said someone was inside his home and that he needed help from the police. Griffen also told the 911 dispatcher that he fired a weapon but nobody was injured”

Minnetrista police statement regarding the situation of Everson Griffen
Here is the update on the Everson Griffen situation from Minnetrista Police

The pictures from outside the house of Everson Griffen show police are making sure no one goes close to Griffen’s home as the mental health crisis continues.

Photo of the police cars outside of Griffen house

Vikings lend mental help to Everson Griffen

The Vikings said in a statement that the team’s mental health professionals have been at Everson Griffen’s home since early this morning and are cooperating with law enforcement.

“Our only concern at this time is the safety and well-being of Everson and his family. We will have further comment in due course.”

Below is Dalvin Cook’s important answer about mental health when asked about his teammate, Everson Griffen:

“Checking on your loved ones, your brothers, the tough ones that don’t show signs of being weak … Just making sure they’re OK. That’s important in today’s world.”

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