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    Watch Addison Rae leaked Video on Twitter – video by idkijustworkh11 Twitter account Explored

    • Addison Rae leaked video (which later proved to be fake) gone viral on Twitter
    • Addison Rae Easterling is an American social media personality, dancer, actress and singer. 
    • A Twitter user idkijustworkh11 shared an X-rated video clip showing a girl closely resembles to Addison Rae and claimed that girl in purported video is TikTok star Addison Rae
    • Along with Twitter user “idkijustworkh11” another user “mankeyleaks” shared the same video clip with similar claims
    • Some Twitter users are convinced that the so called Addison Rae leaked video is fake
    Addison Rae tagged in a Deepfake video and rumours say her video leaked on Twitter by a user idkijustworkh11
    Photo of Addison Rae via Twitter

    Addison Rae video leaked on Twitter? Is alleged Addison Rae leaked Twitter video fake or real? We will explain the rumors about Addison Rae’s video being leaked on Twitter and about the Twitter user “idkijustworkh11” who shared the alleged video. We will also tell you the reality of the video and will tell you where can you watch the purported Addison Rae video.

    Young celebrities such as Addison Rae, who has millions of fans online, are often the victim of fake news, rumors, and hoax. Some beautiful celebrities are being tagged in fake videos and Deepfake pictures. There are several webpages full of deepfake videos and pictures of these celebrities.

    Addison Rae, who is one of the biggest stars on social media, especially on TikTok with around 100 million followers, is the center of attention once again after people claim that Addison Rae’s s*x video leaked on Twitter by a user “idkijustworkh11.”

    Warch Idkijustworkh11 Twitter page and videos

    According to details, on November 23, 2021, Addison Rae became one of the most trending topics on Twitter and social media after hundreds of people on TikTok claimed that Addison Rae’s video leaked on Twitter.

    Screenshot of top trending searches on web related to Addison Rae leaked video

    Several TikTok videos and hundreds of comments on TikTok pointed that an intimate video of Addison Rae leaked onto Twitter. However, the later investigation shows that the video in question is fake and the girl in the video is not Addison Rae.

    You can watch so-called Addison Rae leaked video here

    People, who are making such claims, have also mentioned several Twitter users “@idkijustworkh11” and “mankeyleaks” who allegedly shared the purported video of Addison Rae on Twitter.

    Addison Rae Leaked video on Twitter by idkijustworkh11 and mankeyleaks Explored

    “idkijustworkh11” (Display name: idkijustworkhere) is an anonymous Twitter user with only 1643 followers. The Twitter page has been suspended now. However, On October 22, 2021, Idkijustworkh11 posted an intimate video on his timeline and claimed that it is leaked video of Addison Rae.

    idkijustworkh11 Twitter profile

    The purported video shows a girl, closely resembling to Addison Rae, in a compromising situation. The Twitter user claims that the video clip belongs to Addison Rae.

    The clip was actually a fake but looked real because a high-grade editing tool was used to edit Rae’s face on to another person – something known as a “deepfake”.

    The same Twitter user has posted several deepfake videos and pictures of Rae’s face on a woman in a compromising situation.

    At the same time, people, in the comments of alleged video, say that the video is fake and the girl in the purported video is not Addison Rae.

    Another Twitter user, mankeyleaks, has also shared a video clip claiming it as Addison Rae leaked video. mankeyleaks Twitter page has 200 followers so far and he is sharing the videos of other celebrities too.

    Debunked: Addison Rae leaked video

    Addison Rae didn’t made any comments on the rumours.

    But After having a careful look at the purported video, we can confirm that the said video is fake and a work of Deepfake technology.

    This is why, We will advise you, not to fall for the rumors.

    Update: Twitter account “idkijustworkh11” and “mankeyleaks” have been suspended. However, there are several other users who have posted Deepfake videos of Addison Rae.

    However, if you are curious then you can watch alleged Addison Rae leaked video (fake video) in the link here and Here.


    Hundreds of people were left confused after a video with X-rated content surfaced online. Many were convinced that it was TikTok star Addison Rae. However, the video is an edited clip with the star’s face on it.

    In reality, it is not the social media star Addison Rae. This is not the first time that a celebrity has found themselves in controversy. Previously, in 2016, Kylie Jenner had been a victim of similar content.

    The reality star was dating rapper Tyga at that time and many were convinced their private video had been leaked online. Shortly after this confusion, it was confirmed that the video was fake.


    Recently, Addison became the talk of the town when she took the lead role in Netflix’s ‘He’s All That.’ Shortly after this, it was announced that she has signed a multi-picture deal with Netflix.

    In short, the TikTok star would be appearing on several other pictures of Netflix. Speaking about this in a press release, she said: “Getting the opportunity to work with Netflix was such a pinch-me moment, and now to be able to continue the relationship is beyond my wildest dreams.”

    She continued: “I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with this incredible team and am excited to develop projects while continuing to strengthen my skills as an actress.”

    This news came months before Addison had found herself in a complicated situation when she was banned from TikTok.


    In October 2021, Addison Rae was temporarily banned from TikTok. She had shared this news on her Twitter page by taking a screenshot of her banned account with a caption that read: “Well, time to get a job.”

    As for the reason for her ban, it said: “Your account was permanently banned due to multiple violations of our Community Guidelines. You can download your data.”

    Luckily for the star, she was able to get her account back in no time.

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