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    WATCH: Vita Aranda Passed Away From Gunshot – Vita Aranda Death Video Explored

    Vita Aranda has passed away from gunshot wounds: According to the recent reports, Vita Aranda, a well-known model and wife of Ivan Torres Olimpia player has been admitted to hospital with gunshot wounds.


    Who is Vita Aranda?

    Vita Aranda was a well-known social media personality. Today, thousands of fans are mourning her death. Professionally, she describes herself as a personal trainer and fitness expert. Well, she even provided virtual Gym sessions.

    How Did Vita Aranda Died?

    Vita Aranda died at the age of 29. She has three kids. According to the sources, Vita died reportedly after being shot at a music festival in Paraguay. A well known Instagram model was rushed to hospital by her husband with a bullet wound to her head after a public tragedy.

    Ivan Torres, husband of Vita Aranda was also with her at concert. Four people were also shot at the concert and are under treatment in hospital. 

    A man named Marcos Ignacio Rojas Mora also died at the spot, with unconfirmed reports stating that the intended target was a drug dealer identified locally as Ederson Salinas Benitez.

    Although police and prosecutors are still investigating Sunday’s killing, the brunette is believed to have been caught in the crossfire of a gunfight in a VIP area at the Jose Asuncion Flores Ampitheatre in Asuncion, Paraguay.


    NewPakWeb will surely inform you about the incident after further investigation. 

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